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What's new in Falkon SMS?

We are constantly working on improving your Falkon SMS experience. Here is Falkon SMS Release Log of what has changed …

Release 1.21.0

April 24, 2023


  • Teams Push Notifications have been introduced


  • New design for sign-in flow

  • New approach implemented for triggering text messages

  • Group Chat Improvements - Mark as Unread

Release 1.20.0

Mar 27, 2023


  • Group Chat Improvements - Archive, Mute, and Delete Chat


  • Group Chat Bug fixes

  • Fixed push notification-related bugs

  • Fixed Design and Alignment Issues

Release 1.19.0

Mar 13, 2023


  • Mobile Push Notifications have been introduced


  • New and Improved flow to create Automation rules

  • You can view Group details by clicking on the Group

  • Separate section for unread messages

  • Archived messages will stay archived until they are made active

  • Group Chat Improvements - Delete Chat


  • Group Chat Bug fixes

  • Resolved issues related to resuming Schedule Messages after the Scheduled time

  • Fixed Design and Alignment Issues

Release 1.18.0

Feb 13, 2023


  • Launched new feature: Group chat


  • Improved the design and usability of the grids in the application

  • Modified the existing signup flow

  • The group message is renamed as group broadcast


  • 1-1 schedule message in the premium account is fixed

  • Resolved the negative transfer credits issue

  • Space issue in the User section is resolved

Release 1.17.0

Jan 02, 2023


  • FalkonSMS IOS App is published in the Appstore


  • Share contacts issues are resolved

  • Fixed Transfer credits related bugs

  • Teams extension app logout issue resolved

Release 1.16.0

Dec 19, 2022


  • Error messages modified in change password

  • Design corrections in reports

  • Corrected the hyperlinks issues

  • Bug fixes in templates, pinning conversations

  • Bug fixes in automation rules

  • Fixed issues in the share the contact feature

Release 1.15.0

Nov 22, 2022


  • Now users can share their contacts with other phone number users in the same organizations

  • New add-on 10dlc is added

  • FalkonSMS chrome extension is published in the chrome store


  • Line break issue in the conversation module is fixed

  • Design changes in the reports module

Release 1.14.0

Nov 11, 2022


  • Personal and public templates can be created

  • Design improvements in settings, profile and change password

  • Falkon Teams application is available in the teams store

  • New icons, primary and secondary buttons added


  • Annual plan refresh issue got fixed

  • Fixed progress bar-related issues in the dashboard

  • Fixes in the android and mobile views

  • Navigation and minor issues in automation rules got fixed

  • Few functionality issues were fixed

Release 1.13.2

Oct 12, 2022


  • The annual plan refresh issue fixed

  • Minor bug fixes in automation rules

  • Grid sorting issue resolved in a few components

  • Responsiveness issues fixed in teams extension 

  • Android and mobile view few alignment and functionalities fixed

Release 1.13.1

Oct 4, 2022

  • 2FA Issue in IOS Device is fixed

  • New Icons added

Release 1.13.0

Sep 27, 2022


  • MMS charges increased from 1 credit to 2 credits 


  • Fixed layout issues in mobile and web views

  • Few functionality issues were fixed

Release 1.12.0

Sep 12, 2022


  • Reports can be used to track the group and schedule messages deliverability

  • Added HELP as the new compliance keyword message

  • Users can now edit the phone number in the new conversation


  • Transfer credits issue resolved

  • Lock user feature resolved

Release 1.11.1

Aug 29, 2022

  • Incorrect password issue fixed

  • Credits refresh issue resolved

  • Improvements in the add-on payment flow

Release 1.11.0

Aug 16, 2022


  • Now 1-1 add-on credits can be transferred across the organization

  • Improvements in customer tags


  • Transfer credits issue resolved

  • Timer issue in resend OTP issue resolved

Release 1.10.3

Aug 8, 2022

Incorrect password issue fixed

Release 1.10.2

July 28, 2022

Conversation card issue fixes and performance improvements

Release 1.10.1

July 26, 2022

Transfer credit issue fixes and performance improvements

Release 1.10.0

July 18, 2022


  • Multiple Phone numbers (comma separated and space separated) can be added to the New conversation

  • Improvements in Custom tags

  • Performance improvements in automation rules


  • Fixed automation rules mobile view

  • Fixed few defects to improve application performance 

  • Few functionality issues in mobile view are fixed

Release 1.9.0

June 20, 2022


  • New colours are added to the title cards

  • Company name will be included in the compliance messages

  • Group message performance is improved


  • Insert tags issues is fixed

  • Layout issues in change password are fixed

  • Fixed few defects to improve application performance 

Release 1.8.0

May 22, 2022


  • Custom signatures can be added while sending messages 

  • MMS can be sent as an auto-reply and keyword reply now

  • Attachments can be inserted in the templates now


  • Insert tags issue in templates is fixed

  • Automation rules priority issue is fixed

  • Fixed few defects to improve application performance 

Release 1.7.0

April 25, 2022


  • Frequently used text formats can be stored and reused using templates

  • You can now share the group across the organization

  • You can download the contacts added in Falkon SMS


  • Issues with automation rules for user role is fixed

  • Conversation UI is fixed for accommodating longer texts

Release 1.6.0

March 28, 2022


  • You can set Auto Replies and Keyword Replies now (Premium Plan)

  • Time zone can now be set for the application

  • You can now send messages upto 960 characters


  • Issues with message scheduling are fixed

  • Filter UI is fixed for accommodating longer texts

Release 1.5.1

March 03, 2022

Emojis related UI fixes and performance improvements

Release 1.5.0

March 01, 2022


  • Group Credits add-ons can be transferred from one plan to another plan within the organization

  • Number of unread conversations are seen on the tab of the browser in our web app



  • Emojis can be added as a shortcut as well while sending a message

  • MMS can be sent as a scheduled message now

  • Re-invite user action has been added to the users who haven't logged in atleast once to the system

  • Status column of the user has been added

  • Groups module has been revamped to improve your experience

  • Number of rows selected in a grid is shown on top



  • Multiple delete of messages in the conversation history issue is fixed

  • Sort issue in Scheduled Messages has been fixed

Release 1.4.0

January 19, 2022


  • Custom tags can be added while sending messages to a group of people

  • Mass actions are implemented to the respective modules

  • Offline alerts will be shown to the user when they are not connected to the internet


  • Role of the user is added in the Profile section

  • Messages can be sent to blocked contacts while still not being able to receive messages

  • Double ticks are shown now when the messages are sent

Fixed few defects to improve your performance better.

Release 1.3.3

December 06, 2021


  • Navigation bar can be expanded or collapsed according to the user's convenience

  • Subscription details can be seen in Plans after the number is added



  • All the archived conversations can be seen at one place


  • Group credits required count issue is resolved

  • Issue in Scheduled messages when a contact is deleted is fixed

Release 1.3.2

November 22, 2021

Performance improvement and minor UI fixes

Release 1.3.1

November 17, 2021


  • Unread messages are displayed with a banner in Conversations History


  • Auto refresh issue fixed in Conversations

  • Users can see the date of the messages in Conversation History

Release 1.3.0

November 08, 2021


  • User can add more than 1 add-on while paying

  • Copy paste of images sent via MMS is possible now

  • Conversation history can be downloaded

  • Complete app can be controlled using keyboard


  • While recharge, current plan details can be seen



  • Conversation is auto-refreshed when MMS is received

  • Double scroll in Import Contacts is fixed

  • Add-ons only specific to the plan are shown to the user now

Release 1.2.0

October 25, 2021


  • No downtime when a new version is released now.

  • Version number of the application can be seen in the Settings.

  • A warning message is shown for the last 100 credits.


  • Add-ons which are applicable to the plan are shown to the user.

  • Multiple recharge of the same recurring add-on is possible now

Other Performance improvements and bug fixes

Release 1.1.0

September 27, 2021


  • User interface overhauled to give ultimate user experience across variety of devices such as computers and mobile devices.

  • Dashboard revamped to clearly display Credits Used and Sent Messages in separate cards.

  • Phone Numbers page modified to display type of Falkon SMS product associated with a phone number.

  • Scheduling of messages at phone level, instead of at organization level.

  • Chronology of conversation history changed to most recent at top.


  • Messages were shown as pending after delivery to intended recipient.

  • STOP/UNSTOP is working now.

  • Scheduled messages were shown as Scheduled even after getting sent.

  • Auto refresh was not happening in Conversations.

Release 1.0.0

September 22, 2021

Falkon SMS – One Stop Solution for Effective Business Communications goes live!!!

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