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Get a Local
New York Phone Number 

✅ Project a professional image in the Big Apple. 

✅ Increase trust and credibility with New York clients. 

✅ Stop robocalls and unwanted calls on your personal number.



Interesting facts about New York

Liberty Statue of New York
  • France gifted the Statue of Liberty to the USA in 1886 for its centennial celebration.

  • New York City’s Federal Reserve Bank has the largest gold storage in the world.

  • The Empire State Building has its own zip code: 10118

  • There are 2.2 million small businesses (SMBs) in New York in 2023, making up 99.8% of all businesses in the state.

  • Average monthly earnings for small businesses are higher in Manhattan ($7,214), followed by Nassau County ($4,518) and Suffolk County ($4,224) in Long Island.

  • New York got its area code as 212 in 1947. That was the area code for the entire city for about 35 years.

Major New York Area Codes 


New York, the perfect balance of big bucks and everything blingy. One of the most iconic area codes 212, has been long associated with Manhattan, the heart of the state, with 646, 917 and 332 being introduced to accommodate the growing population.


Upstate New York, known for regality and landscapes has its own local area codes. For businesses based in Syracuse, the area code 315 is used whereas 518 encompasses Albany and 716 serves Buffalo.

Tall buildings in New York

Advantages of a New York Area Local Phone Number 

Given the steady rise of SMBs, the need to reach out to customers has been increasing. There are some inherent advantages to having a New York Area Code. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Trust Factor: New York area codes, especially 212, have long been associated with established and successful businesses and are generally perceived to be more trustworthy.

  2. Business Communication: Be it sending promotional messages or receiving calls or service requests, you can keep in touch with your customers and be at their beck and call.

  3. SEO: Having a Google Business Profile with a New York number increases the probability of your business appearing in local search results, driving more SEO traffic to your website.

  4. Being Local: There’s an advantage on two fronts here. One, even without a physical office, you will have a local area phone number, cementing a local presence. Secondly, New York has several area codes, so, a specific code might influence the way your business is perceived to be in. 

New York Phone Numbers & Time zones 

All New York phone numbers adhere to Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) Zone during daylight savings duration, which runs four hours behind the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). If not the daylight savings time, New York adheres to the Eastern Standard Time, which is five hours behind GMT.  

Why opt for a Local Phone Number? 

Trust and Credibility

Local numbers foster familiarity. They show the customers that they are based out of a particular place and that speaks to their credibility, as being part of the community.


You need not shell out extra money to source a local area code phone number. It’s all inclusive in the plan at no extra cost. 

Builds Loyalty

There is an evident sense of loyalty towards local businesses. People tend to support their own and having roots in the community garners an extensive following. 

Business Flexibility

With a local number, you can establish a physical presence from wherever you wish to operate. This facilitates ease of business along with being easy on the pockets.

Easy Recall

When customers can identify the business with established patterns, it is simple for them to associate you with their needs. You will be their ‘go-to’ choice easily.  

New York Area Code Numbers 

212 - New York City only Manhattan; overlays with 332, 646, and 917

315 - Syracuse, Utica, Watertown, and north central New York; overlaid by 680

329 - Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Newburgh, West Point, Goshen and southeastern New York; overlay of 845

332 - New York City only Manhattan; overlays with 212, 646, and 917

347 - All New York City except Manhattan; overlays with 718, 917, and 929

363 - Nassau County; overlay of 516

516 - Nassau County; overlaid with 363 as of January 2023

518 - Albany, Glens Falls, Plattsburgh, Saratoga Springs and northeastern New York; overlaid by 838

585 - Rochester, Batavia, Wellsville and western New York

607 - Binghamton, Elmira, Ithaca, Bath, Norwich, and south central New York

631 - Suffolk County; overlaid by 934

646 - New York City only for Manhattan ; overlays with 212, 332, and 917

680 - Syracuse, Utica, Watertown, and north central New York; overlay of 315

716 - Buffalo, Dunkirk-Fredonia, Olean, Jamestown, Niagara Falls, Tonawanda and western New York; will be overlaid by 624 in 2024

718 - All New York City except Manhattan; overlays with 347, 917, and 929

838 - Albany, Glens Falls, Plattsburgh, Saratoga Springs and northeastern New York; overlay of 518

845 - Poughkeepsie, Middletown, Newburgh, West Point, Goshen and southeastern New York; overlaid by 329 in 2023

914 - Westchester County

917 - For whole New York City; overlays with 212, 332, 347, 646, 718, and 929

929 - All New York City except Manhattan; overlays with 347, 718, and 917

934 - Suffolk County; overlay of 631[1]

Did you know you can now text enable your local numbers? 

  • What do you mean by credits?
    1 message = 1 credit. Message includes incoming and outgoing SMS. 1 MMS = 2 credits.
  • Can I use my existing landline for texting?
    Absolutely! You can text enable your existing landline number any day without any change in your current voice plan. You can even text enable your 10-digit VoIP number as well.
  • Can I use my existing VoIP number for texting?
    Yes, you can. You can text enable your VoIP number in seconds and can use it for your communication.
  • Can my customers text my landline number?
    Absolutely! Using Falkon SMS, you can send and receive messages with your landline number.
  • Do I need any additional hardware to enable texting?
    No. You don't need to buy any additional hardware to text. You just need a desktop/laptop through which you can text.
  • How do you count messages?
    We use credit system to count messages. 1 credit = 1 outgoing message/1 incoming message. Message can either be a text/MMS.
  • What if I go over my monthly allowance?
    If you reach your monthly allowance, your outgoing and incoming messages will be stopped. You can send and receive messages again if you recharge with an add-on/wait till the next month for renewal.
  • I have multiple phone numbers and want to text-enable them. Can I do it using Falkon SMS?
    Yes. You can keep multiple phone numbers under a single organization using Falkon SMS.
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