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Text Marketing for Home Services 

Are you a home service provider looking to streamline your business and enhance customer satisfaction? Texting is the solution you've been waiting for! 

Text Marketing for Home Services

Loved by businesses across all industries

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Home service SMS solutions 

All-in-one texting solution for home service providers 

If you provide any home services, such as landscaping, plumbing, or home cleaning services, utilizing text marketing would be a highly effective strategy to succeed in your business. Text marketing allows you to directly reach out to your customer base, providing them with timely updates, special offers, and appointment reminders. With personalized messages, you can increase customer engagement and foster a stronger connection with your clients. 

This approach not only helps in getting better results from your marketing efforts but also encourages more prompt responses from customers, leading to improved scheduling and communication. Furthermore, maintaining consistent communication through text messaging can significantly boost customer loyalty, as clients feel valued and appreciated when they receive relevant and timely information, ultimately contributing to the long-term success of your home services business. 

Happy home service provider

Benefits of SMS marketing 

Communicate with homeowners via
texts seamlessly 

Cost effective campaigns for home service business

Cost-Effective Campaigns 

SMS marketing is exceptionally cost-effective when compared to traditional marketing methods like direct mail, phone calls, or print advertising. This budget-friendly approach minimizes overhead costs while ensuring a high return on investment for your home services business. 

Enhanced Customer Loyalty 

Consistent text communication fosters unwavering customer loyalty. Utilize SMS to offer valuable home services insights, such as maintenance tips and expert advice, fostering a deeper connection that makes customers more inclined to choose your home services time and again. 

Enhanced Customer Loyalty
Get feedback via SMS

Efficient Feedback Collection 

Employ SMS marketing to effortlessly gather feedback from customers post-service. This invaluable input enables you to fine-tune your home services, promptly address any concerns, and continuously enhance the overall customer experience. Get more reviews and get well paid. 

Personalized communication 

Craft personalized messages that resonate with your customers. Utilize data on their preferences and past interactions with your home services business to create bespoke communications, delivering a more engaging and relevant customer experience. 

Personalized communication with SMS marketing

Use cases of Texting 

Organize and promote your home services
using text marketing 

Appointment Reminders 

Send SMS reminders to customers before their scheduled appointments for services like plumbing repairs, HVAC maintenance, or pest control. 

Service Updates 

Keep customers informed about the status of their service requests or projects. Send SMS updates when a technician is en route or when a project is completed. 

Payment Reminders 

Send SMS reminders for upcoming payments, invoices, or subscription renewals. This can help improve your cash flow and reduce late payments. 

Seasonal Maintenance Reminders 

For services like pool cleaning, lawn care, or chimney sweeping, send SMS reminders to customers about upcoming seasonal maintenance tasks. 

Request Reviews and Testimonials 

Send SMS requests for reviews on platforms like Google My Business or Yelp after completing a service to boost your online reputation with positive feedback. 


Send weather-related SMS alerts for service delays or rescheduling due to inclement weather, especially for services like snow removal and roofing repairs. 

Text marketing features 

Powerful SMS marketing features
for home services 

Group Texting

Efficiently schedule and confirm appointments with group texting, ensuring they reach multiple customers at once, reducing scheduling conflicts, and improving appointment management. 

group texting for home service businesses

Home services text message templates

Home services and construction
business SMS templates 

A janitor invites you to start SMS marketing

Grow your home service business with text marketing! 

Join the growing community of successful home service business owners who are boosting their outreach and customer engagement with SMS marketing. 

  • What do you mean by credits?
    1 message = 1 credit. Message includes incoming and outgoing SMS. 1 MMS = 2 credits.
  • Can I use my existing landline for texting?
    Absolutely! You can text enable your existing landline number any day without any change in your current voice plan. You can even text enable your 10-digit VoIP number as well.
  • Can I use my existing VoIP number for texting?
    Yes, you can. You can text enable your VoIP number in seconds and can use it for your communication.
  • Can my customers text my landline number?
    Absolutely! Using Falkon SMS, you can send and receive messages with your landline number.
  • Do I need any additional hardware to enable texting?
    No. You don't need to buy any additional hardware to text. You just need a desktop/laptop through which you can text.
  • How do you count messages?
    We use credit system to count messages. 1 credit = 1 outgoing message/1 incoming message. Message can either be a text/MMS.
  • What if I go over my monthly allowance?
    If you reach your monthly allowance, your outgoing and incoming messages will be stopped. You can send and receive messages again if you recharge with an add-on/wait till the next month for renewal.
  • I have multiple phone numbers and want to text-enable them. Can I do it using Falkon SMS?
    Yes. You can keep multiple phone numbers under a single organization using Falkon SMS.

Seamless Migration to Falkon SMS.

Free to try. Easy to use. No hardware change. No setup fees or hidden charges.

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