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8 Powerful SMS Marketing Templates For Your Business

Updated: Jun 8

Woman reading a text message

The world around us is changing. So does the marketing around the products. Consumers are very sensitive and conscious of the marketing promotions they wish to receive. In this ever-changing field of marketing promotions, SMS marketing can be your Knight in the shining armor!

Let us blow your minds with some really interesting statistics:

  1. 68% of people engage most of the time they spent on mobile phones is for checking and responding to text messages.

  2. 1 in 3 consumers has tried to text a business and never gotten a response back!

  3. 82% of people say they open almost most of the text messages they receive.

These are some of the facts to emphasize the fact that SMS marketing is the way ahead!

When we talk about Email vs SMS promotions, it is a proven fact that SMS promotional messages have better open rates. The most important question is what kind of promotional messages should you be sending your customers.

Don’t worry we got you covered (almost!), please use the below SMS templates as a reference and also if required do make changes according to your business requirements!

SMS Marketing Templates

Announcement text message

1. The “Let all your customers know” message:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name].

We are happy to announce that we are just a text away now! Now, you need not wait for someone to pick your call. All you need to do is send us a text and we will respond instantaneously! Have a great rest of the week!

discount SMS template for business

2. The Discount Message:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name]

Your week just got better. We are offering x% discount on [Product Names]. Come visit us and avail these discounts!

order update SMS template for business

3. The order update:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name]

We are pleased to inform you that your order is ready for pick up. Drop by the store at your convenience. Thanks for shopping with [Company Name].

Promotional SMS template

4. The Promotional Message:

Our end-of-season sale starts now. Hurry up and avail up to x% discount on all the products/select products!

Feedback SMS template

5. The Feedback Message:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name]

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you had a great time. Please let us know how was your experience by filling this feedback form! Hope to see you soon!

festive offer text message

6. The Festival offer:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name]

Make your festive season merrier! Avail x% discounts on all the product lines just this month! Visit us to know more!

birthday message template

7. The Birthday Message:

Hey [Name], Happy Birthday month! Show this message and avail of 10% off on your next bill with us. Have a blast!

anniversary message template

8. The Anniversary Message:

Hey [Name], Happy Anniversary month! Show this message and avail of 10% off on your next bill with us. Have a blast!

For more information about SMS Marketing and to know more about Falkon SMS, book an appointment with us!

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