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50+ SMS marketing templates for any business

Updated: May 3

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As we all know it is a proven fact that SMS promotional messages have better opening rates, so to create and send a variety of texts to your multiple customers, to engage them in your business, you need a quality and impactful SMS template on a timely and efficient basis. These templates are critical for optimizing communication and ensuring messaging consistency throughout multiple customer contacts.

In this blog, we will explore different SMS marketing templates and factors to consider when finding or creating SMS templates for your business purposes.

Table of contents:

What are SMS Marketing Templates?

Basically, SMS marketing templates are created to work with SMS texting, which is used for marketing, announcements, reminders, surveys & many other SMS texting usages. These templates are standard and pre-designed formats for creating text messages that are widely used by organizations as an important component of their SMS marketing ideas.

These templates provide organizations with a pre-made framework that allows them to retain a consistent, professional tone while sticking to the character limits associated with SMS messaging. SMS marketing templates are essential for increasing the effectiveness and consistency of SMS marketing campaigns. They let companies communicate with customers clearly and efficiently through short, focused texts.

Things to consider when choosing SMS Marketing Templates

There are various factors to consider when picking good text marketing templates for your campaign. So, whenever you are trying to use SMS templates don’t forget to check the following things in SMS templates.

Must be able to achieve absolute approval

Ensure that your SMS marketing templates can achieve absolute approval. In SMS marketing, obtaining express opt-in consent is a fundamental principle. It is crucial to verify that recipients have voluntarily chosen to receive marketing messages before sending any. This not only establishes a solid legal foundation for your communications but also increases audience trust. Make sure to clearly express the messages' intentions during the opt-in process to set expectations and provide a favorable user experience.

Should be simple and clear

SMS messages should be simple and clear. Given the character restrictions of SMS, it is critical to communicate your message clearly and concisely. Focus on the core objective of your content and avoid overwhelming readers with extraneous details. Clarity and conciseness not only conform to the limitations of the medium but also increase the likelihood that your message will be read and comprehended.

Should have a simple and clear call to action

Your SMS marketing templates should feature a simple and clear call-to-action (CTA) in every message. The CTA serves as the driving force behind your message, instructing readers on precisely what action you want them to take. A well-designed CTA enhances user engagement and increases the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns, whether it involves completing a purchase, visiting a link, or participating in a promotion.

Should have an easy opt-out option

It's important to provide an easy and accessible opt-out option in your SMS marketing templates. Respecting the recipient's right to choose whether or not to receive messages in the future is both a requirement and a polite practice. Including a clear opt-out procedure in every message that is easy to use and stands out contributes to a positive user experience and ensures compliance with regulatory standards.

Better to have the ability to personalize the text

Consider the ability to personalize the text in your SMS marketing templates. Personalization adds a more human touch to your SMS marketing efforts. Incorporate recipient information and preferences to create messages that go beyond generic content. Use dynamic content to tailor messages to user behavior, previous interactions, or demographic data. Personalized communications are more likely to engage recipients and build a deeper connection.

Must adhere to SMS marketing regulations

Ensure that your SMS marketing templates adhere to all relevant laws and regulations. Stay informed about local laws governing marketing and privacy, such as the TCPA or GDPR. Compliance with the law not only protects your brand from legal consequences but also demonstrates your commitment to ethical marketing practices.

What to avoid if you create your own SMS templates

Disregarding the character limit

A typical mistake is to disregard SMS character limits. SMS messages must adhere to stringent character restrictions; otherwise, they may be shortened or fragmented. This lessens the effect of your message and weakens its clarity. For efficient communication, messages must be written succinctly within the character limit.

Using abbreviations too often

Overusing symbols or text abbreviations in a way that impairs the clarity of your message is another habit to avoid. Although using symbols frequently can help save space, it can also make it harder to understand. To guarantee that your message is clearly understood by the audience, strike a balance between simplicity and clarity.

Missing Out on Opt-Out Options

A severe error would be to exclude a distinct and accessible opt-out option. The option to unsubscribe should be included in every SMS message sent to a recipient. Not only would it be against the law not to offer this option, but it would also be detrimental to the customer's experience and might irritate them.

Using Too Many Visual Items

Another bad habit to avoid is overusing emojis or other visual components in messages. Visuals can support messages, but too many could distract from the main point. Professionalism is upheld and the message is kept focused and clear with the wise use of images.

SMS marketing templates for businesses

Announcement text message

1. The “Let all your customers know” message:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name].

We are happy to announce that we are just a text away now! Now, you need not wait for someone to pick your call. All you need to do is send us a text and we will respond instantaneously! Have a great rest of the week!

discount SMS template for business

2. The Discount Message:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name]

Your week just got better. We are offering x% discount on [Product Names]. Come visit us and avail these discounts!

order update SMS template for business

3. The order update:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name]

We are pleased to inform you that your order is ready for pick up. Drop by the store at your convenience. Thanks for shopping with [Company Name].

Promotional SMS template

4. The Promotional Message:

Our end-of-season sale starts now. Hurry up and avail up to x% discount on all the products/select products!

Feedback SMS template

5. The Feedback Message:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name]

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you had a great time. Please let us know how was your experience by filling this feedback form! Hope to see you soon!

festive offer text message

6. The Festival offer:

Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name]

Make your festive season merrier! Avail x% discounts on all the product lines just this month! Visit us to know more!

birthday message template

7. The Birthday Message:

Hey [Name], Happy Birthday month! Show this message and avail of 10% off on your next bill with us. Have a blast!

anniversary message template

8. The Anniversary Message:

Hey [Name], Happy Anniversary month! Show this message and avail of 10% off on your next bill with us. Have a blast!

More text marketing templates for different use cases

SMS templates for Marketing

Utilizing marketing information templates will simplify the production process, uphold brand consistency, and guarantee that the target audience is given clear communication of the most important information.

  • Stay updated with our latest news and offers! Sign up for our SMS updates at [insert website URL] and receive 10% off your next purchase. Join our community today!

  • Hey [Customer Name]! Now you can order via a text message. Order now and get a 5% discount on your order!

  • Hey [Customer Name], Special discount on brunch! Dine with us today and get an exclusive 10% discount on your bill!

  • Hello [Existing Customer's Name], thank you for your continued support! We'd like to share some wonderful news. Our fresh new inventory just arrived! Visit [insert website URL] to browse the newest trends and take advantage of free shipping on all purchases. Start your shopping right away.

  • Presenting you “Game changing product” exclusively for you. Visit us to know more about the details!

  • Are you wearing your sleeve on your heart? Not yet then order now and get an exclusive discount of 5% on your favorite jersey!

Survey SMS templates

These templates facilitate the construction of surveys by offering a standardised structure that may be modified to meet different research goals. Common question types, styles for responses, and thematic components pertinent to the survey's target topic or objective are frequently included in survey templates.

  • Dear Team, your well-being matters. How satisfied are you with the current wellness programs we offer? Reply with your thoughts.

  • We hope you enjoyed your recent experience with us. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate our service? Reply with your score.

  • Hey! We're revamping our social media strategy. What type of content do you enjoy seeing the most on our pages? Reply with your preferences.

  • We're revamping our website for a better user experience. What features or improvements would you find most valuable? Reply with your feedback.

  • Hey there! We're looking to tailor our offerings to your preferences. What types of content or products interest you the most? Reply with your choices.

SMS templates to request feedback or reviews

These templates are made to promote helpful criticism and make the information gathering process more organized. These are predetermined structures that companies, groups, or people can use to get customer feedback via SMS from their stakeholders, including customers and audience members.

  • Hi [customer Name], thank you for visiting [company Name]'s office for your recent appointment. We value your feedback and would love to hear about your experience. Please take a moment to complete our survey [Insert Survey Link]. Thank you!

  • Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name] Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you had a great time. Please let us know how your experience was by filling in this feedback form! Hope to see you soon!

  • Your support means the world to us. Share your feedback on our recent charity event. Reply with your thoughts on how we can make a bigger impact.

  • Dear participant, your opinion matters. How would you rate our recent training program? Reply with your feedback to help us enhance future sessions.

Text message templates for promotional campaigns

Marketing professionals can generate persuasive and compelling content to advertise goods, services, events, or special offers by using promotional material templates, which are pre-designed frameworks. As a starting point for creating promotional text messages, these templates guarantee consistency in branding and language across several mediums.

  • Hello [CUSTOMER NAME], You got a [$20] complementary voucher with your policy number [number]. Redeem before it expires at [website link].

  • Our end-of-season sale starts now. Hurry up and avail up to x% discount on all the products/select products!

  • [Business Name] - Discount on Supplements! Use SAVE20 online and get 20% off on all supplements. Now until [Date]: [Website] If you wish to Opt-out reply STOP.

  • Spread the Word! 📣 Refer 3 friends to our newsletter, and you'll receive a special discount code. Share the love of great deals! [Link]

  • Save the Date! Our Annual Clearance Event starts on [Date]. Huge discounts on your favorite items. Be there!

SMS templates for appointment reminders

In the same way that service providers advise their clients or customers of appointment details and reminders, these templates seek to be brief, courteous, and informative to guarantee that people are aware about approaching appointments.

  • Hi [Customer Name], just a quick reminder that your virtual appointment with [Name] is starting now. Please click the link in your confirmation email to join the appointment. Thank you!

  • Hi [Customer Name], this is a reminder that you have an appointment with [Name] tomorrow, on [Date] at [Time]. Please let us know if you need to reschedule. See you soon!

  • Hello [customer], Thank you for booking an appointment with [business name]. Looking forward to speaking with you at [time] on [date]. Feel free to reply in case of any queries.

  • Appointment Reminder with [Office] Hello [Name], your [Appointment] with us is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. We would appreciate it if you could confirm your availability. Reply [Keyword] to confirm.

Templates for Occasional Greetings

These templates are adaptable and can be used for celebrations of festivals, birthdays, milestones, and other memorable events. They often send warm and cheerful wishes on significant occasions and often include emotional sentiments, wishes, and emotions of excitement.

  • Don't miss out on our exclusive holiday sale! Get 30% off your purchase today. Click here to start shopping: [insert embedded link].

  • Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with happiness, success, and prosperity. Thank you for being a valuable member of our team and for your commitment to our company's goals.

  • Happy New Year! As we enter a new year, we want to thank you for your business and support. To celebrate, we offer a special New Year's discount on all our products. Use the code NEWYEAR2023 at checkout to save 20% on your entire purchase. Hurry, this offer is only valid for a limited time. Happy shopping and happy New Year!

  • Happy Birthday [customer name], May the finest things come your way. Thank you for being a valued customer of [business name]

  • Hey! This is [Name] from [Company/Store Name] Make your festive season merrier! Avail x% discounts on all the product lines just this month! Visit us to learn more!

  • Hey [Name], Happy Anniversary month! Show this message and avail of 10% off on your next bill with us. Have a blast!

  • Spread the Love! 💖 Valentine's Day Special: Buy one, get one 50% off on selected gifts. Surprise your loved ones! [Link]

SMS templates to send transactional information

To give customers information about their payments, transactions, or account activity, these templates are frequently used across a range of businesses. Transparency, accountability, and accurate details are essential elements of these templates.

  • Hi [subscriber's name], your order number PAC3423 has shipped! Track your package here: [insert embedded link]. Thank you for shopping with us!

  • Hello [customer], You have successfully paid your premium for policy number [number] for [Premium Amount]. You can get your invoice at [website link].

  • As per the agreement, your payment for rent/property is due on [Date]. Please pay soon to avoid any penalties. Pay: <Payment Link>.

  • Receipt: Your payment of [Amount] for invoice [InvoiceNumber] has been received. Any questions? Reply to this message.

  • Bill Payment Successful: Your payment of [Amount] for [Service] is confirmed. Your new balance is [New Balance].

  • Great news! Your payment of [Amount] for order [OrderNumber] was successful. We'll notify you once your items are dispatched.

Employees and internal communication SMS templates

From general notifications to specific updates, policies, and notes of recognition, these templates cover a wide range of themes. In essence, businesses utilize these templates to support efficient and regular contact with their workers.

  • Hi team, we have a shift opening on [Date] at [Time]; please respond YES to accept or NO to decline within the next 30 minutes.

  • Exciting news! We have a guest speaker on [Topic] this Friday at [Time]. Valuable insights for all team members. Don't miss it!

  • Friendly reminder: Submit your timesheets by [Deadline]. Your promptness ensures accurate payroll processing. Thank you!

  • Urgent: Due to unforeseen circumstances, [Location/Department] is temporarily closed. Await further instructions. Stay safe.

  • Team, a big shoutout to everyone who contributed to the success of the recent [Event/Project]. Your teamwork was exceptional!

  • Team, a quick reminder about the company-wide meeting tomorrow at [Time]. Your insights matter, see you there!

SMS alerts and reminder templates

These templates are frequently used in a variety of scenarios, including emergency warnings, appointment reminders, event reminders, and deadline notifications. These templates' major components frequently include guidelines and concentrate on clearly communicating important information.

  • Flash Sale Alert! Get a FREE gift with any purchase over $50. Limited stock is available. Shop now at [insert website URL]!

  • Hello [customer], The premium for policy number [POLICY NUMBER] of [PREMIUM AMOUNT] is due on [DATE]. Pay your premium online at [WEBSITE LINK]

  • Hi [Name], The property that you liked at [Address] dropped from $110K to $90K. Would you like to place an offer?

  • Hello [Name], it's time to take your medication. Remember to follow your prescribed dosage. Your health is important!

  • Don't forget! Our [Event Name] is happening this [Date] at [Location]. We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Your flight [Flight Number] is scheduled for departure at [Time]. Please ensure you arrive at the airport on time. Safe travels!


SMS marketing templates are the foundation of efficient communication, providing businesses with a varied way to interact with their customer base. These templates become powerful instruments for communicating messages with accuracy and consistency by sticking to standards and avoiding potential errors. Their versatility satisfies a wide range of marketing objectives, from educational content to internal communications and promotional offers.

Text marketing templates play an important role in delivering timely information to both external customers and internal organizations as quick messengers. SMS marketing templates, in essence, represent a dedication to efficient communication, brand coherence, and long-term client interactions in an ever-changing digital ecosystem.

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