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A powerful business texting platform with smart features

Give your business wings with Falkon SMS's modern business texting capabilities — Keeping it simple and convenient with intelligent features such as shared inbox, scheduled messaging, group texting, auto-replies, and much more.

Features of Falkon SMS business texting software

Features that work for you

Shared Inbox

Assign multiple users to any conversation for being prompt in the support and responses to your customers.

Group Texting

Broadcast your texts to all the contacts in your groups at once with the ease of a single click without any hassle.


Whether it's a group text or an individual message, using custom fields, you can leave a lasting impact on your clients. 

Scheduled Messaging

Schedule one-time or recurring text messages for follow-ups, reminders, appointment updates, and whatnot. 

Auto Replies

Keep your customer informed with the right responses for inbound messages by setting up automated replies.

Keyword Replies

Configure text-based workflows with automated replies to respond to texts containing specific keywords.

Message Templates

Create and use pre-defined templates to accelerate your messaging time and resolve queries at scale. 

Custom Signature

Add unique signatures to your texts to share your contact details or other useful business information with your customers.

User Tags

Know which users are handling the conversations with the customers from the names mentioned next to the texts.

Add-on Credits

Out of credits? Purchase add-on credits on the go at affordable rates. Bonus: the credits never expire!

MS Teams Extension

Use Falkon SMS from the comfort of your MS Teams infrastructure by enabling the in-app extension.

Transfer Credits

Transfer the excess add-on credits to another account within your organization to save on credits purchase.

2-factor Authentication

Add an extra layer of security to your conversations from cyber-attacks with our 2-factor authentication.

Hide, Pin or Archive Chats

Found an important chat? You can pin it at the top. Wish to hide or archive chats? We got you covered!

MMS Support

Send all kinds of rich media such as images, GIFs, videos, audio files and more with MMS support.

Bulk Import

Need to import hundreds of contacts? Upload multiple contacts easily at once with bulk import.

Download Conversations

Download any important conversations to keep in your records or export them for future references.

Emoji Support

Connect and build rapport with your customers as well as leads with the help of appropriate emojis.

Unlimited Contacts

Whether you have a few or thousands of contacts, we can accommodate unlimited contacts in Falkon SMS.

Easy Opt-out

Provide a clear and simple opt-out for your customers to stop communication easily if they wish to.

Block Contacts

Block any unwanted numbers from your conversations and carry on with your business seamlessly.

Free to try. Easy to use.

No hardware change. No setup fees or hidden charges.

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