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Are you a Zipwhip customer? Schedule a free demo to see how we can migrate you easily to Falkon SMS. 

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Most Reliable
Zipwhip Alternative

Zipwhip may be shutting down, but Falkon SMS is here to provide you with an even better texting experience. 

Migrate Seamlessly from Zipwhip to Falkon SMS

We understand that transitioning from one platform to another can be daunting. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to migrate from Zipwhip to Falkon SMS. Here’s what you can expect when you make the switch:

Falkon SMS is as simple as Zipwhip

Simple yet powerful

Intelligent features that are easy to use. Balancing Smart and Simplicity, we offer you the best texting experience whether you are a Marketing pro or a beginner.

Falkon SMS has a fair pricing when compared to Zipwhip

Transparent & fair pricing

Cost isn't everything, but where else do we get premium features for all plans at this pricing? Save hundreds, and save yourself from burning a hole in your pocket.

Falkon SMS gives a superfast support for Zipwhip customers

Superfast support, free

We don't charge you $500 to talk to our support agent. Our support teams are just a text away. It is and always will be free of charge. Stay in touch — at no extra cost.

Get the same Zipwhip messaging features plus more at a better price 

Say goodbye to Zipwhip and log in to the Falkon experience. Get the same texting inbox and text marketing capabilities as Zipwhip, with added benefits - at no extra cost. 

Assign multiple users to any conversation with the shared inbox.

Shared inbox feature
Migrate your Zipwhip contacts seamlessly

Migrate your contacts from Zipwhip

to keep in touch with all your SMS subscribers. 

Automated text messages

for exceptional customer service. 

Automated text messaging capability
MMS texting capability

Send photos and videos

to your customers with MMS feature. 

Falkon SMS vs. Zipwhip

Falkon SMS VS.

Feature-wise Comparison

Zipwhip is shutting down on December 1, 2023. Still wondering why you should migrate to Falkon SMS?

But let us ask you why are you still wondering when you have great features like shared inbox, MMS support,

auto-replies, scheduled messages, and not to forget a great customer support team at your disposal.

Discover why Falkon SMS is the top choice as a Zipwhip alternative. 

Assign multiple users to a chat or conversation, keep your response rates high and customers happy. 

Send texts to many at once by making groups of 100 or more, depending on your requirements.

Get registered with The Campaign Registry for ensuring better delivery rates of your text messages.

The Campaign Registry



Assign multiple users to a chat or conversation, keep your response rates high and customers happy. 

Shared inbox

Send images, videos, audio and
other media with MMS support. The size should be less than 2 MB.

MMS support

Schedule one-time or recurring messages for regular follow-ups, reminders and appointments.

Scheduled texting

Use automated replies to keep your customers informed with pre-defined responses to their messages.

Automated replies


Group size

Get centralized access to user accounts and the usage across the organization with Admin dashboard.

Admin dashboard

Falkon SMS integrates smoothly
in your MS Teams infrastructure, making it a true UCaaS solution.

MS Teams extension

Add more than one user to your numbers for all the available plans - not restricted to Premium.

Multiple users for all plans

We don't restrict our best features to the Premium users. You get access to all the premium features.

Premium features for all plans

Falkon SMS

100 (can be increased up to 200)

Add more than one user to your numbers for all the available plans - not restricted to Premium.

A simple and intuitive SMS solution for Zipwhip customers

Say goodbye to Zipwhip and log in to the Falkon experience. Get the same texting inbox and text marketing capabilities as Zipwhip, with added benefits - at no extra cost. 

For sales and marketing teams

Time to revamp the performance of your sales and marketing teams with Falkon SMS. Experience the power of increased reach, personalized messaging, SMS automation, and much more with a powerful Zipwhip replacement. Unlock better results and increase productivity with a better text marketing platform.

For customer support teams

Experience lightning-fast communication and improved response times. Give your customers the convenience of direct access to your support team through Falkon SMS. Enjoy increased satisfaction levels with quick and efficient responses.

Zipwhip alternative for sales and marketing
Zipwhip alternative for customer support

Things to consider when choosing an alternative to Zipwhip

When finding a Zipwhip alternative, there are several factors to consider based on your specific requirements and preferences. Here are some key considerations:

  1. Features and functionality: Evaluate the features and functionality provided by alternative platforms. Ensure they offer the essential capabilities you need, such as 2-way text messaging, MMS support, message automation, group messaging, templates, scheduled messages, and any other specific features that are important for your SMS marketing campaigns.

  2. Integration options: Consider the integration options available with other tools or systems you use in your business. Check if the alternative platform can seamlessly integrate with your CRM, help desk software, marketing automation tools, or any other platforms critical to your operations. Smooth integration can enhance productivity and streamline your workflows.

  3. Scalability and capacity: Assess the scalability of the Zipwhip alternative tool. Determine whether it can accommodate your current volume of text messaging and handle potential growth in the future. Check if there are any limitations on the number of messages or contacts you can have, as well as any restrictions on scaling your usage.

  4. Pricing structure: Compare the pricing models of different alternatives. Some platforms may charge based on the number of messages, contacts, or users, while others may offer fixed plans or custom pricing. Consider your budget and evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each option, taking into account your anticipated usage patterns.

  5. Security and compliance: Ensure that the alternative platform prioritizes security and compliance. Text messaging often involves sensitive information, so look for texting features like data encryption, secure transmission protocols, and compliance with relevant regulations like GDPR or HIPAA, if applicable to your industry.

  6. User interface and ease of use: Consider the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of the alternative platform. A well-designed, intuitive interface can save time and minimize the learning curve for your team. Look for features like contact management, conversation history, search functionality, and ease of navigation.

  7. Customer support: Evaluate the level of customer support provided by the alternative platform. Check if they offer technical support, documentation, tutorials, and resources to help you get started and troubleshoot any issues that may arise. Prompt and reliable support can be crucial when you need assistance.

  8. Reviews and reputation: Read reviews and feedback from other users of the alternative platforms. Consider their experiences, ratings, and testimonials to get a sense of the platform's reliability, performance, and customer satisfaction. Look for feedback specifically related to the aspects that are important to your business.

Migrate your Zipwhip data instantly

Still didn’t migrate your Zipwhip data? 

Don’t let the shutdown of Zipwhip hinder your business communication. Make the switch to Falkon SMS and experience modern texting made easy. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

  • What do you mean by credits?
    1 message = 1 credit. Message includes incoming and outgoing SMS. 1 MMS = 2 credits.
  • Can I use my existing landline for texting?
    Absolutely! You can text enable your existing landline number any day without any change in your current voice plan. You can even text enable your 10-digit VoIP number as well.
  • Can I use my existing VoIP number for texting?
    Yes, you can. You can text enable your VoIP number in seconds and can use it for your communication.
  • Can my customers text my landline number?
    Absolutely! Using Falkon SMS, you can send and receive messages with your landline number.
  • Do I need any additional hardware to enable texting?
    No. You don't need to buy any additional hardware to text. You just need a desktop/laptop through which you can text.
  • How do you count messages?
    We use credit system to count messages. 1 credit = 1 outgoing message/1 incoming message. Message can either be a text/MMS.
  • What if I go over my monthly allowance?
    If you reach your monthly allowance, your outgoing and incoming messages will be stopped. You can send and receive messages again if you recharge with an add-on/wait till the next month for renewal.
  • I have multiple phone numbers and want to text-enable them. Can I do it using Falkon SMS?
    Yes. You can keep multiple phone numbers under a single organization using Falkon SMS.

Seamless Migration to Falkon SMS.

Free to try. Easy to use. No hardware change. No setup fees or hidden charges.

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