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Text Marketing for Salons & Spas

Start texting your salon and spa clients now to boost bookings and revenue. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your beauty and wellness business. 

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Texting solution for salons 

Grow your salon & spa business with text marketing 

If you own or manage a salon or spa, you know how important it is to communicate effectively with your regular customers. You want to remind them of their appointments, send them special offers, get their feedback, and keep them loyal. But how can you do that in a busy and competitive market? The answer is simple: text messaging.

Text messaging is the most convenient, fast, and personal way to reach your customers. So, it’s time to give it a try for Falkon SMS: the best SMS marketing solution for salons and spas. 

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Benefits of SMS marketing

Spa & salon text message marketing benefits

Instant Communication with Salon customers

Instant Communication

Send appointment reminders and promotions instantly to clients, reducing the chances of missed appointments and ensuring timely updates, ultimately leading to improved scheduling and revenue management.

Higher Engagement 

With high open rates, text messages enable salons and spas to engage customers effectively, whether it's through personalized offers, wellness tips, or event notifications, fostering a stronger connection with clients and encouraging repeat bookings and visits. 

Engage with salon and spa customers
Send personalized messages


Tailor messages to individual clients and offer a personalized experience that not only strengthens customer loyalty but also encourages clients to feel valued and more likely to return for spa and salon services.

Cost Effective

SMS marketing is a cost-effective strategy, as it typically involves lower costs compared to traditional advertising channels, making it an ideal choice for salons and spas with limited marketing budgets, offering a significant return on investment and revenue growth potential. 

Cost Effective

Use cases of texting

Spa and salon text message marketing use cases

Appointment Reminders

Send SMS reminders to clients a day or two before their scheduled appointments to reduce no-shows and late cancellations, helping optimize your schedule and revenue. 

Promotions and Discounts 

Share exclusive SMS-only promotions and discounts on services or products to encourage bookings, upselling, and customer retention.

New Service Updates

Notify clients about new treatments, services, or product offerings, generating interest and bookings for these offerings.

Event Promotions

Promote spa events, workshops, or beauty seminars, ensuring a higher turnout and engagement from your client base. 

Last-Minute Availability 

Quickly fill last-minute openings in your schedule by sending SMS notifications to clients, reducing downtime and maximizing revenue. 

Educational Tips 

Send wellness tips, skincare advice, or beauty trends via SMS to keep clients engaged and informed, positioning your salon as a trusted resource. 

Text marketing features

Texting features for spa and salon businesses

Group Texting

Send messages to multiple clients simultaneously. This is useful for sending out promotions, event invitations, or important announcements to a large number of clients at once, saving time and effort. 

Group texting for salons and spas

SMS templates

Sample text message templates for salon and spa marketing 

Take your beauty salon to the next level

Take your beauty salon to the next level!

Don’t miss this opportunity to try our salon and spa SMS marketing software for free. Claim your 14-day free trial now. 

  • What do you mean by credits?
    1 message = 1 credit. Message includes incoming and outgoing SMS. 1 MMS = 2 credits.
  • Can I use my existing landline for texting?
    Absolutely! You can text enable your existing landline number any day without any change in your current voice plan. You can even text enable your 10-digit VoIP number as well.
  • Can I use my existing VoIP number for texting?
    Yes, you can. You can text enable your VoIP number in seconds and can use it for your communication.
  • Can my customers text my landline number?
    Absolutely! Using Falkon SMS, you can send and receive messages with your landline number.
  • Do I need any additional hardware to enable texting?
    No. You don't need to buy any additional hardware to text. You just need a desktop/laptop through which you can text.
  • How do you count messages?
    We use credit system to count messages. 1 credit = 1 outgoing message/1 incoming message. Message can either be a text/MMS.
  • What if I go over my monthly allowance?
    If you reach your monthly allowance, your outgoing and incoming messages will be stopped. You can send and receive messages again if you recharge with an add-on/wait till the next month for renewal.
  • I have multiple phone numbers and want to text-enable them. Can I do it using Falkon SMS?
    Yes. You can keep multiple phone numbers under a single organization using Falkon SMS.

Seamless Migration to Falkon SMS.

Free to try. Easy to use. No hardware change. No setup fees or hidden charges.

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