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Send SMS with
Microsoft Teams

Enhance the power of your Microsoft Teams account with SMS capabilities. Effortlessly integrate texting functionalities into your Teams interface.

Send and receive SMS with MS Teams

Loved by businesses across all industries

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Efficiently send SMS
with MS Teams Integration 

Configure your Falkon SMS account and integrate it with Microsoft Teams, so that you can conveniently send and receive SMS messages within the Teams interface.


Furthermore, Teams allows you to schedule messages, automate workflows, and perform other tasks, enabling

you to streamline your work and save time and effort. 

Efficiently send SMS using MS Teams

Why should you use
MS Teams to send SMS? 

If you're like many MS Teams users, you may have experienced

the frustration of having to switch between different apps or devices to text externally.

Perhaps you've missed important messages because they went

to your personal phone instead of your work device, or you've had

to juggle multiple devices to keep up with different conversations.


By adding texting capability to MS Teams, you can solve these problems and make your communication more efficient and convenient. 

Whether you're a small business owner, a customer service representative, or a team leader, MS Teams texting can help

you streamline your communication and boost your prod


Benefits of MS Teams SMS

Elevate your business with the Falkon SMS

Seamless texting

Effortlessly send messages directly from your desktop, mobile, or web-based Teams applications to any device that supports SMS.

Reliable channel

Proven to be quicker and more reliable than traditional e-mail, boasting an impressive deliverability and open rate of 98%.

Improved visibility

SMS has a 90% open rate within 3 minutes of receipt, ensuring that your message is promptly attended to and never goes unnoticed.

Better support 

Speed up response times and enable your staff to provide top-quality support, resulting in a seamless and efficient customer service experience.

Convenient tool 

Sending SMS via Microsoft Teams is easy. No longer you have to switch between applications to send and receive texts.

Text automation 

Automate your SMS campaigns with features like scheduled messaging, keyword replies, and auto-replies, for better user experience.

Why Falkon SMS for MS Teams texting?

Powerful features that work smart

Our comprehensive landline texting features offer everything you require to

establish and expand your business with confidence.

Simple yet powerful 

Exceptional texting experience with intelligent features that are user-friendly and suitable for both beginners and pro marketers.   

Competitive Price 

Premium features at an unbeatable price. Save hundreds of dollars from your marketing budget with Falkon SMS. 

Superfast Support 

Our support service is superior and faster. We are readily available to address any inquiries at no additional charge.   

Industry-wise use cases of MS Teams texting

Microsoft Teams texting for every industry 

MS Teams SMS for healthcare

Streamline communication between healthcare providers and patients by sending health-related information via text message.

MS Teams texting for real estate
Real estate

Improve communication with clients by sending property information, updates, and showing reminders directly to their mobile devices. 

SMS via teams for restaurants

Enhance customer service by sending order confirmations, updates, and delivery

notifications via text message.

MS Teams SMS for Pharmacies

Notify customers when their prescription is ready, send reminders to refill medications, and provide important health information.

Getting started with Falkon SMS

How to set up MS Teams SMS with Falkon SMS 

Elevate your texting experience with MS Teams SMS. With just a few minutes of setup, you can text-enable your MS Teams number and start texting with ease. 

1. Book a Demo

Our representative will give you a free demo and show you how to use Falkon SMS from scratch. 

2. Port the Number

If you already have an MS Teams number that you'd like to use for texting, we'll help you port it to Falkon (typically takes 3-5 days). If you are using a third-party direct routing provider, skip this step. 

3. Register

Once your number is ported, we'll register it with Falkon SMS. From there, you can choose the plan that works best for your business needs.

4. Install

Ready to give MS Teams superpowers? Install the Falkon SMS extension for MS Teams and enjoy seamless texting right within the Teams app. 

5. Kick-off

You're all set up and ready to go! Add external texting to MS Teams and make it your all-in-one communication hub.

Transform Your Teams Experience with Texting 

By adding Falkon SMS to your Microsoft Teams toolkit,

you can transform your communication and collaboration experience.


Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between different apps and devices, and streamline your workflows with the power of texting. Try MS Teams texting today and see the difference for yourself. 

SMS conversation showing in MS Teams dashboard
  • What do you mean by credits?
    1 message = 1 credit. Message includes incoming and outgoing SMS. 1 MMS = 2 credits.
  • Can I use my existing landline for texting?
    Absolutely! You can text enable your existing landline number any day without any change in your current voice plan. You can even text enable your 10-digit VoIP number as well.
  • Can I use my existing VoIP number for texting?
    Yes, you can. You can text enable your VoIP number in seconds and can use it for your communication.
  • Can my customers text my landline number?
    Absolutely! Using Falkon SMS, you can send and receive messages with your landline number.
  • Do I need any additional hardware to enable texting?
    No. You don't need to buy any additional hardware to text. You just need a desktop/laptop through which you can text.
  • How do you count messages?
    We use credit system to count messages. 1 credit = 1 outgoing message/1 incoming message. Message can either be a text/MMS.
  • What if I go over my monthly allowance?
    If you reach your monthly allowance, your outgoing and incoming messages will be stopped. You can send and receive messages again if you recharge with an add-on/wait till the next month for renewal.
  • I have multiple phone numbers and want to text-enable them. Can I do it using Falkon SMS?
    Yes. You can keep multiple phone numbers under a single organization using Falkon SMS.

Try MS Teams Texting Today

Ready to give MS Teams texting a try? Sign up for a free trial today and experience

the benefits for yourself. Click the button below to get started. 

Free to try. Easy to use.

No hardware change. No setup fees or hidden charges.

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