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Toll-Free Texting

Get ready to upgrade your brand identity with a toll-free texting service! Set up a new toll-free number or text-enable your current toll-free number to send SMS campaigns and have meaningful 1-on-1 conversations with your customers. 

A customer texting to a toll-free number of a pet shop

Loved by businesses across all industries

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A happy customer texting to toll-free number

Ready to unlock a world of exceptional customer service

with toll-free numbers?


Introducing the enchanting realm of toll-free texting, ensuring your customers get the support they need,

whenever they need it.

  • Seamlessly connect with customers, partners, and potential clients.

  • Expand your customer service horizons with toll-free texting, providing a convenient and accessible way for customers to reach out.

  • Remove limitations of traditional phone support; all your customer interactions can now be managed effortlessly using your toll-free number.

Experience the beauty of toll free texting, where interactions flow effortlessly and customer satisfaction soars.

Let toll-free texting revolutionize your customer support

and take your business's customer experience to new heights! 

What is Toll-Free Texting?

With the advent of technology, the way businesses interact with their customers has transformed and toll-free texting is one such innovation that has revolutionized customer communication.

A toll-free number is a telephone number that begins with a specific three-digit code (800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 855, or 833) that enables customers to make calls or send text messages to a business without incurring any charges.


Instead, the business that owns the toll-free number pays for the cost of the call or message. 

Understanding what is toll-free text messaging

Why Toll-Free Texting?

The industry recognizes toll-free messaging as a legitimate business text messaging channel. Your business can appear more established and reliable if you use a toll-free number. Here are some more reasons that will make you think your business needs to get into toll-free texting. 


Consumers believe that businesses offering a toll-free number are more trustworthy.


Increase in response

rates has been observed in advertisements featuring

a toll-free number.


Americans have employed

toll-free numbers to establish contact with brands.

That's just scratching the surface! By unlocking toll-free texting, you'll discover a world of opportunities that you never thought possible. Want to learn more? Let's discuss the endless possibilities that await your business with toll-free messaging! 

Benefits of Toll-Free Texting for Business

Convert more customers


Toll-free texting is cost-effective, leading to increased customer engagement via text, a higher response rate, and ultimately boosting revenue.

Convert more customers

Enhanced Interaction

It enhances customer engagement by offering convenience and accessibility, empowering businesses to foster loyalty through effective communication.

Convert more customers

Improved Support

This allow your business to provide instant customer support, making communication smooth for inquiries and building stronger customer relationships.

Convert more customers

Send Promo Updates

Toll-free texting saves time and effort by promoting products to the entire contact list simultaneously, allowing businesses to reach a vast audience at once.

Convert more customers

Efficient Communication

It is a convenient and effective way to send and receive text messages with higher open rates than email, making it efficient and time-saving for customers.

Convert more customers

Opt-In Marketing

It enables opt-in marketing campaigns, allowing customers to receive targeted promotions, updates, and exclusive offers directly on their phones.

Toll-free verification

All the toll-free numbers should be verified for legitimate business use as per the new rules of network carriers. You can send and receive text messages using your toll-free number only if it is verified.

Verifying a TFN is important for any business because it helps to ensure that the number is not being used fraudulently or illegally.

Failing to verify your toll-free number may result in your business text messages being delivered to the spam folder or not being delivered at all.

Toll-free number verification is the process of verifying the ownership and validity of a toll-free phone number within a certain deadline. This process involves filling out a form that comprises standard business-related questions.

We can help verify your TFN number free of charge and as quickly as possible (usually takes 2-5 days). Simply get in touch with us, and we'll take care of the rest.

Falkon SMS will help you to verify your toll-free number

Why Falkon SMS?

Elevate your business to new heights with Falkon SMS. Our comprehensive landline texting features offer everything you require to establish and expand your business with confidence.

Convert more customers

Simple yet powerful

Our exceptional texting experience and intelligent SMS features are designed to be user-friendly, catering to both seasoned marketing professionals and beginners. 

Convert more customers

Transparent & fair pricing

We offer premium features across all our plans at an unbeatable price point. By choosing Falkon SMS toll-free texting, you can save hundreds of dollars and avoid overspending. 

Convert more customers

Superfast support, free

Our support teams are just a text message away, and we're committed to offering you our support services for any inquiry at zero additional cost. 

How can your business use toll-free text messaging



Use toll-free texting to allow customers to make reservations, order food, and receive updates on promotions or discounts.


Send appointment reminders, provide medical advice, and offer support to patients with toll-free texting.


Real estate

Provide property listings, schedule viewings, and communicate with clients to provide better customer service.


Car dealership

Use toll-free texting to allow customers to schedule test drives, ask questions about vehicles, and receive updates on sales or promotions. 

How to set up text-to-landline with Falkon SMS 

Elevate your landline texting to a new level with Falkon SMS, a smart text-to-landline service.

With just a few minutes of setup, you can easily text-enable your landline number and enjoy the benefits instantly. 

Book a Demo

Let us introduce you to Falkon SMS! Our representative will give you a free demo and show you how to use all the amazing features from scratch. 


Once you're blown away by our product, we'll register your landline number with Falkon SMS. Then, you can choose the plan that works best for your business needs.


Pick your favorite from our desktop, web, or mobile apps, chrome extension, or even MS Teams extension for texting. 


You're all set up and ready

to go! Start texting with your landline and watch the customer engagement soar. 

Toll-free text messaging with Falkon SMS

Falkon SMS

Set up
a new
toll-free number 

Still not have a toll-free number for your business? Don't worry. We will get you a new number. 


Falkon SMS

Text-enable your existing toll-free number 

Have a toll-free number but can't send or receive text messages? We will text enable it for you. 


Improve Your Business Communication with Toll-Free Texting

Toll-free texting with Falkon SMS is a convenient and cost-effective way to communicate with customers and clients. Sign up today and start experiencing the benefits of toll-free texting for your business.

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