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Landline texting
for all kinds of businesses

Make your landlines smarter by adding texting capabilities to your business numbers — send and receive messages with your existing landline or VoIP numbers you use for calling.


Loved by businesses across all industries

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Prepare to embark on a communication revolution with landline texting!

Traditionally reserved for office calls, your business landline now possesses the power to seamlessly

text your customers, all without disrupting your existing voice infrastructure. Transform your landline

number into a messaging powerhouse with text-to-landline:

Send and receive text

messages on your landline number.

Utilise your landline beyond phone calls, unlocking
a world of efficient and convenient text-based conversations.

Bid farewell to the hassle of juggling multiple

platforms; manage all your texts in one unified space. 

It's time to embrace the new era of landline communication!

What is Landline texting?

Landline texting is the ability to send and receive texts using a landline number. This allows your business to text with customers using your landline, rather than your own personal number.


Previously, texting using a landline number was not feasible, potentially causing missed business opportunities. However, that is no longer the case.

With text-to-landline enabled, give your customers the convenience of texting you on the same number they've been calling you on. All this without any change in your calling.

This provides customers with an efficient way to communicate with the business. This also enables businesses to respond to customer queries and resolve issues quickly.

Understanding what is text-to-landline

Why Text-to-Landline?

Why should you use Landline texting Marketing? 

Landline texting has become an integral part of communication to all kinds of businesses.

Here is why you must use landline texting to stay connected with your customers.


With a whopping 98% open rate compared to a low 18-20% for emails, SMS could be a game changer for your business.


Since 36% of the recipients click on a link, SMS marketing leaves you with a better chance to convert your leads.


But that's not it. More than 90%

of texts are read within three minutes of delivery. This is your cue to stop using emails!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Landline texting unlocks more avenues of opportunities than you can imagine. Want to know more?

With landline vs. without landline

Never miss a business opportunity with landline texting

Are you aware that you are missing out on potential business because your customers cannot reach you

via text? With text-to-landline enabled, your customers can reach you, easily and instantly. You will also improve your customer service and boost productivity with the ability to handle multiple text conversations

at once. Don't let missed messages hurt your business.

Without a text-to-landline service.webp

On the other hand, if you enable text messaging on your business landline, you will be able to receive texts from prospects sent to your business landline. This enables you to send a response to the customer's message, subsequently allowing the customer to receive your response. This can lead to a delightful conversation and potentially resulting in a successful sale.

Without a text-to-landline service, a prospect sends a

text to a business. However, since landlines cannot receive SMS, the prospect will not receive a response from the business either. As a result, there will be a lost opportunity for the business.

enable text messaging

Superior Service

You have an efficient way to handle

the customer queries and resolve them

quickly, leading to happier customers

and increased customer loyalty.

Benefits of landline texting

Elevate your business with the Falkon SMS

More Customers

Convert more of your leads with features like shared inbox, group texting, SMS templates, keyword replies, dashboards, reports, and much more. 

Enhanced Productivity

With landline texting, businesses can handle multiple text conversations at the same time, improving your overall productivity and efficiency. 

Better Reach

Landline texting can level up your brand and visibility, as text messages are more likely to be read and responded to compared to calls or emails.


Text-enabling your landline is affordable compared to calls or emails, making it an

ideal solution for small businesses with

limited budgets.


It allows you to text with customers

using a single device, eliminating

the need to switch between multiple

devices or phone numbers. 

Features of Landline Texting

Powerful features that work smart

Our comprehensive landline texting features offer everything you require to establish 
and expand your business with confidence.

Group Texting

Sending texts to all the contacts in your groups at once has never been easier. Send a text blast with a single click without any hassle.

Shared Inbox

With the shared inbox feature, you

can assign multiple users to any conversation for being prompt in

the customer support.

Send Photos and Files

Send all kinds of rich media files,

and documents to your customers

via a simple text message with the

MMS support.

Scheduled Texts

Don’t wait until the last minute. Schedule one-time or recurring

text messages in advance and

save your time.

Auto Replies

By setting up automated replies, you can ensure your customers are

always informed and receive the

right responses to their queries. 

Message Templates

Accelerate your messaging time and handle queries at ease by creating and using pre-defined text message templates.

Unified Business Number

With our top-notch text to landline app, you can seamlessly enable your existing landline phone number, allowing your customers to text you on the same number they've been calling.

No more juggling multiple numbers or missed messages – just a simple and streamlined way to connect with your customers like never before.

One business landline number for calling and texting
Advanced security features for business landline texting

Advanced Security Features

Falkon SMS’s Landline texting solution comes with advanced security features to protect your messages and ensure the privacy of sensitive information.

This includes encryption, password protection, and secure data storage, providing businesses with peace of mind and ensuring your communications are secure and protected.

Use Cases of Text to Landline

Do more with your text-enabled landline

Customer Service

Improve customer service by promptly responding to queries, resulting in increased satisfaction and reduced wait times.

Appointment Scheduling

Streamline the appointment scheduling process for different industries, saving time for both

the business and the customer.

Marketing and Promotion

Increase customer engagement

and sales of your business by

using targeted text marketing

and promotional messages.

Lead Generation

Expand your customer base and drive growth by using landline texting to connect with potential customers and generate leads.

Order Updates

Make your customers happy by sending them real-time order updates, including confirmations

and delivery status.

Internal Communications

Enable seamless and efficient exchanges of important information and updates among your staff and save time for greater productivity.

Industry-wise use cases of landline texting

Tailored for every industry; Loved across all industries

landline texting for real estate industry

Real Estate Industry

Landline texting is a convenient tool that enables real estate businesses to communicate with clients and prospects in a more timely and effective manner.

Landline texting for restaurants


Restaurants can enhance customer experience and improve convenience by offering text message ordering, promotions, and special offers via landline texting.

Landline texting for healthcare industry

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare providers can save time and improve patient satisfaction by using landline texting for appointment scheduling, reminders, and other forms of communication.

Landline texting for insurance industry

Insurance Industry

Landline texting can improve customer service and claim processing by enabling them to provide timely updates and quick responses to client inquiries via text message.

Getting started with Falkon SMS

How to set up text-to-landline with Falkon SMS

Elevate your landline texting to a new level with Falkon SMS. With just a few minutes of setup,

you can effortlessly enable texting on your landline number.

1. Book a Demo

Our free demo will show

you how to use all the amazing Falkon SMS features from scratch. 

2. Register

We will register your number with Falkon SMS. You are free to choose the ideal plan for your business needs.

3. Install

Pick your favorite from our desktop, web, or mobile apps, chrome extension, or even MS Teams extension.

4. Kick-off

You're all set up and ready

to go! Start texting with your landline and watch the customer engagement soar. 

Text-enable your business landline today

Ready to upgrade your landline with texting capability?

Feel free to schedule a meeting with us and one of our texting agents will

talk to you to assist in getting started with landline texting. 

Free to try. Easy to use.

No hardware change. No setup fees or hidden charges.

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