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What is Landline Text Marketing?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Landline texting for businesses

A landline might look like a primitive, old-fashioned device unsuited for the Gen Z generation, yet the contrary is true in today's world scenario. Today, businesses use landlines for all client communications (over 1 in 3 business owners are using text marketing to boost sales and offer promotions), whether in retail, automobile, pharmacy, or financial services. They have text-enabled their landlines to create a two-way communication channel for a better customer experience. But what does it all mean?

Enabling texting on landline phones allows you to send and receive messages using your existing landline number without interfering with voice services. You will have more control over your phone number; you will be able to schedule messages, text in a group, send customized messages, and much more...

Let's take a look at what benefits landline text marketing has to offer:

Benefits of Landline Text Marketing:

Benefits of Landline texting


Communicating via texts is convenient for both consumers and businesses (64% of customers say they'd prefer to use mobile messaging). It is easier for businesses to manage several conversations simultaneously, and consumers prefer to respond to businesses via text. As a result, two-way communication strengthens the bond between customers and businesses.


Consumers respond ‘within minutes’ to texts, enabling you to optimize your workflow and address your customers' needs on time.


If you want your customer to feel important, this functionality is for you. Through personalized texting, you can reach your customers more engagingly and interactively. It can also be used for sending them texts related to festival wishes, promotional offers, or their birthdays.

Better Response

Phone calls may take a long time, and customers often find it inconvenient to be placed in a queue. The contrary is true with texting! It takes less time to respond, and businesses can respond to queries according to their convenience by setting up Auto reply if needed.


You can use the same number for texting as well as voice. This makes it easier for customer to reach out to you without any confusion.

Use cases of Landline text marketing:


Landline texting for Automobile

A customer may call their dealer several times. Imagine ten customers calling simultaneously! The dealer will only be able to answer one call at a time, leaving the others to wait. This might end up with the customers feeling not valued. With timely interaction and personalized messages with your customers, you can improve your customer relationship. What else can landline text marketing do?

  • Setting up car insurance

  • Notify your customer about their car status

  • Request for vehicle pickup/drop-off

  • Communicate directly with office personnel and technicians.


Landline texting for Pharmacies

Pharmacy plays an essential role in patients' lives by giving life-saving medications, especially for those undergoing long-term care or who are unable to make in-person visits. Developing a relationship with those patients gives way to reliable customer service. Texting has proven to be an excellent method for developing that bond. It can be used to:

  • Keep your patients informed by texting them about refills.

  • Send payment reminders to customers

  • Maintain constant contact with your supplier.

  • Communicate with your patients at the same time.

Home Services

Landline texting for Home Services

For improved client satisfaction, construction, cleaning, gardening, and other home services, providers can alert their customers before arriving, and customers can acknowledge the message. Set up drip campaigns and seasonal discounts when business slows down to save time and enhance efficiency. So, take your Home Services to the next level by doing the following:

  • Schedule an appointment with 2-way communication

  • Instant feedback from customer

  • Billing reminder texts

  • Promotional offers


Landline texting for Insurance

Text Messaging outperforms Email and Phone calls in terms of open rate, which increases the chances of potential customers (Texts get up to a 98% open rate, that’s higher than any other form of communication). It’s crucial for insurance firms to generate more leads and maintain important interactions with customers. These two tasks seem simple with landline text marketing. So, improve your overall lead conversion by:

  • Responding to policy-related queries

  • Reminders for the upcoming policy premium

  • Streamline policy settlement process

  • Schedule appointments for new policyholders


Every industry can do better with landline text marketing when it comes to communicating with customers. So, it seems that adopting landline text marketing early can benefit your business as well as give you an edge over your competitors.

Businesses are transforming at a faster rate than before, thanks to the use of texting. With the advent of landline text marketing services and their advanced features, you are securing a way for your business to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

If you wish to text-enable your landline number and want to get started with a free demo, reach out to Falkon SMS.

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