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What happens when you text a landline?

Updated: Feb 9

text-enabled landline phone

Sending messages to a landline phone number is something we played in our childhood. Have you ever been curious about what happens to these texts?

Well, most of the time, the texts are neither delivered nor received. But times have changed, and our age-old landline phones come equipped with new features, i.e., text-enabled phones. In the simplest way, they can send and receive text messages. Let us see more about this exciting feature…

Difference between text-to-landlines and text-enabled landlines

Although ‘text-to-landlines' and 'landline texting' sound similar, they differ in their working process. In text-to-landlines, when the sender sends the text, it gets converted to audio and then forwarded as voicemail to the receiver.

In landline texting using a third player, the texts are sent and received directly using the landline number.

How does text-enabled landline work?

Let us try becoming a geek and understand the process!

A girl thinking how do landlines work

How do landlines work?

Landline phones (POTS phones) are traditional communication devices that use wire cables for transmitting data. The wires used are either copper-wired or optical fibers.

Landline phones are inherently unable to receive and decipher messages as they have only bearer channels and not signaling channels.

And thus, any sent messages get temporarily stored in the SMSC and get deleted in later periods.

How do VoIP phones work?

In VoIP phones, calls are made through Internet protocols. So when it is connected to a personal computer through a modem, it shall be used for messaging service too, provided the service providers allow it.

In traditional phones, a third-party service is required to enable these features to allow messaging service using internet protocols. It is interesting to note that the text is delivered to the landline number address and not to the landlines.

Thus, texting and calling happen on different networks, so in text-enabled landlines, we can call and text simultaneously.

Where is landline texting used?

At home, most of us changed to mobile phones, and landline phones are becoming a vintage treasure. Thus, landline texting finds little use here.

But in business and organizations, there is always a need to use landline phones due to their reliability and security. Moreover, the majority of customers prefer texting to calling due to its convenience.

Thus, landline texting finds an essential application in business organizations.

What are landline texting capabilities?

As technology advances, landlines are not just sending texts. But they can now send MMS, emojis, documents, and so on…

Further, they come with many exciting features! They have group chats, scheduled messages, reminders, automated replies, personalized replies, short codes, and mass texting.

Why should businesses go for landline texting?

reasons to focus on landline texting

In a survey by Pew Research center in 2012, it is estimated that 80% of the phone users in the USA use phones to send and receive messages. Also, 92% of the adult population uses it for texting. This is a considerable increase from 58% in 2007. It shows a substantial increase in preference for texting to phone calls among people.

Also, there is a considerable increase of internet access to people from 25% in 2007 to 56% in 2012.

texting goes viral

It is not surprising that Facebook acquired the texting application 'WhatsApp' due to the traction gained for texting among emerging countries.

So why not business take advantage of it!

How can businesses use landline texting?

There are a plethora of uses that businesses can apply for landline texting!

Take, for example,

1. Keeping customers aware of your service

Use landline texting to send information to your customer. Customers are more likely to read the message from a trusted source than untrusted spam mails.

Since 95% of texts are read within minutes, you can be at peace that the messages are received at the customer end. Moreover, as the TCPA guidelines protect customers, they trust the information more than the other sources.

2. Provide an uninterrupted service to your customer

Well, here comes the exciting feature! Landline texting shall have multiple users tied to a single number. It means the seamlessly endless service from the business side as more employees can be involved in delivering the service to the customers

3. Make things faster

In this fast-changing world, the first-to-reach gets an incomparable advantage. While the regular phone calls take at least three minutes, make it faster using texting that takes just seconds to disseminate the information.

4. Getting a customer review

A Pew Research survey in 2018 shows that an overwhelming majority of 88% of users believe customer reviews enhance the consumer experience.

So how do you get reviews when they are the most tedious tasks for customers?

But the good news is that the consumers are more likely to reply to the texts than online feedbacks. The response rate is 45% for readers compared to 6% for emails. Landline texting can help businesses to get personalized feedback from consumers. Moreover, they are less intrusive and more convenient to the receivers.

5. Easy connect to the supplier

Getting a headache of calling your supplier every time to update your requirements and record it down? This is where you can simplify your task by landline texting.

Use scheduled and automatic messages to send recurrent texts and break your boredom!

6. Enhance employee engagement

Landline texting is another chat box but, interestingly, a more reliable one!

Using the group conversation feature, keep your employees engaged with their departments. Announce the meetings and make reminders in the conversation tab and keep all employees connected.

7. Make it secure

With the several security features coming with text-enabled landlines, businesses can protect their information better from competitors compared to other online communication tools.


Thus, we find in this blog how landline texting, a new communication tool, revolutionizes traditional business communication! With this current era where enterprises are needed to adapt quickly to the rapidly changing environment, it is also becoming imminent that they need to start adopting landline texting in their IT system.

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