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How to Choose a Better Landline Texting Service

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

landline texting service providers

Although businesses have been using one or the other mediums to communicate with their clients, co-workers, or other stakeholders, text messaging has remained a critical tool for effective communication. However, 42% of businesses still rely on landline communication, which ‘does not’ allow them to send or receive text messages. But there is a solution to this problem. You may use a third-party service provider to enable landline texting, allowing you to text from the same landline number you use for calling.

Text-enabling your landline number will allow you to handle multiple customers simultaneously without keeping your customers on long wait times. According to a 2015 consumer report, “66% of people have been highly annoyed by long wait on hold, and 50% were so steamed that they hung up the phone without resolution”. Landline texting can help solve this problem by providing various features and solutions, which we'll go over in-depth later in this blog so you can choose the best text-to-landline service for your organization.

First, we will be looking at how you can enable landline texting for your business.

How to enable text-to-landline service?

  1. Search for landline texting service providers in your region. If your organization is based out of USA or Canada, you can check out Falkon SMS for texting services.

  2. Once you have decided upon a service provider, check for the alternative features and pricing.

  3. Select the package which is the best fit for your organization.

  4. Complete all the formalities.

  5. Make the payment, and the package will be activated.

Once the package is activated, the landline texting service on your number will be enabled, and then you can send and receive text messages on your landline as well as access all the features through the application. If you want a more detailed explanation, you can refer to this blog.

Now that we know what landline texting is and how to enable it, we will look at the features one should keep in mind while selecting a landline texting service provider.

Organize phones and contacts

If your organization has multiple landlines, the provider should be able to provide essential features like assigning multiple users to a single phone number, importing all your important contacts, and saving unlimited contacts. All these features will help manage and organize various contacts and conversations for the user’s convenience.

Scheduling and Automation of Messages

Even if you're swamped with essential tasks, your customers can't wait for you to respond to their messages. With this feature, you can run your business without worrying about always being present to respond to your consumers. By scheduling messages or automating responses based on specific keywords, you can always be in touch with your customers. This can also help your business in running marketing campaigns by scheduling messages whenever there is a sale or an important event.

MMS capability

In this digital era, sharing multimedia messages is a powerful tool to engage with your customers, whether through a video of your newly furnished stores or images of your latest launch of products. Sending an MMS along with messages will get you better responses from your customers. Also, you should be able to send emojis, which helps build trust and makes the messages more personalized. Hence, while looking for a provider, see if they provide MMS capability in addition to SMS.

Group Texting

Sending the same message to several recipients is a huge undertaking. However, group texting can make this work easier by allowing you to form a group of all the people to whom you wish to send a message. Additionally, group texting should allow you to personalize messages depending on each recipient’s name, to say the least.


The texting services should be available to all users at any time without difficulty. Whether you want to text from your computer or smartphone, and whether you have windows or iOS, it should be compatible with all systems, allowing you to send SMS from anywhere at any time. Notification is another crucial feature of a texting service, and it should be able to send notifications across all platforms so you can keep your customers informed.


Pricing is one of the essential elements to consider and see if the value you receive from the service does outweigh your cost. Every service provider has varied prices based on features, and you can choose the appropriate plan for your business.

Now that you have a basic understanding of all the features you should look for in the application, you can decide by comparing different service providers based on your requirements. Once you start using text-to-landline services, you will be able to connect with more customers and give them a personalized texting experience.

If you're not sure where to start looking for such landline texting service providers, you can check out Falkon SMS, where we have all the features and capabilities listed above. You can compare the features with other service providers and decide for yourself which service provider is ideal for your business.

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