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The smart way to business texting

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Smart business SMS marketing

Are you using SMS? Are you doing it the smart way? SMS Texting is something that has been there for years and we have always underestimated its power. SMS texting can work as a really powerful marketing tool. It can be used for sending business news, sales, promotions, or other pertinent information to your clients via SMS text messages on their mobile devices.

It's a form of digital marketing technique that can help people get more familiar with your brand. Once they opt-in for your SMS marketing program, you can start sending messages to them.

You can send bulk messages to groups of consumers or audience segments or send customized messages to further personalize the experience. This strategy lets you avoid other marketing noise, such as social media ads and email marketing initiatives, and go straight to the phones of your customers.

Smart features of business texting

Now we'll talk about if there's a texting hack or a smart way to texting.

So, in response to your query, there is a smart way to text. Many texting operations can now be performed automatically thanks to technological advancements, reducing the amount of work you have to do.

These services are provided by your SMS service provider with their products. As a result, choosing a good service provider is prudent. These characteristics differ across suppliers, however, the following are the most popular and important ones:

Features of a smart business SMS platform

01. Scheduling messages

Many times, we wish to update our customers at a specific moment, but no one can be available all of the time to text them. This is where the Scheduling Messages function comes in handy, as you can simply schedule a message to a number and it will be delivered automatically to a single or group of customers in no time.

02. Shared inbox

A phone number can be assigned to up to five users. Each user gets unique login credentials. You have the authority to assign or remove any user to a phone number at any time.

03. Keyword replies

Sending messages on its own sounds like magic, but it's all possible by triggering a sequence of messages based on particular words to create a campaign that can be used either to onboard a customer or move him through the sales funnel. Keywords allow you to send a series of messages that can be delivered to the customers automatically.

04. SMS templates

You'd want to wish your favorite customers a happy birthday. There's no need to frame a message each time. Simply send messages to consumers using predefined templates, which come in handy. You can create your own SMS templates and send them to customers to notify them of new offers and discounts, or to wish them on special occasions.


Till now, you might have understood what these features are, how they work and how they can individually benefit your business.

But when used together, the three features can take your SMS marketing to the next level and can be very useful in real-time scenarios.

They can drastically reduce your workload and streamline your business marketing. Through third-party providers, you can unlock the power of automation and integrate these features into your business. Third-party texting providers can text enable your existing landline number and are compatible with Microsoft Teams as well.

So, what are you waiting for…? Just buy one of the Business Texting Plans with these features and start your SMS marketing journey today.

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