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Texting vs Email Marketing: Why your business needs Texting?

Updated: May 17

Texting vs email campaign

Communication is the key. But with so many options, who knows what method is most effective in getting the word out and getting it heard?

Businesses communicate internally and externally through emails and text messages, but text messages are ahead in terms of response time and effectiveness.

Each day, your customers receive multiple emails, each one begging for their attention. The average office worker receives about 121 emails per day. That’s a lot of emails to go through.

SMS has become everyone's favorite because they are quick, direct, and shows straight on the user's device.

Benefits of Texting compared to Email

The obvious thought you would have is why texting is becoming popular now that even emails can be accessed via phones. We are here to answer all your questions related to why texting is the new email.

1. High Engagement Rates

Texting is generally more engaging. According to research, average texts get opened in 90 seconds and respond 60x faster than emails. 90% of texts are opened, out of which 45% of them are responded. This shows how businesses can rely on texting for greater engagement and be quick in providing assistance to their customers or keeping them updated about any important notifications.

2. Preference

Time has shown that customers have preferred texts over email for communication, and businesses should understand this preference. A recent survey has shown that 52% of the respondents preferred texting over any other form of communication. In addition, users have shown their inclination towards texting for their regular tasks like reminders, etc., over emails.

3. Massive Reach

The reach of texts cannot be compared with any other communication media. Text messages do not require a special device to hold or an exclusive app to be downloaded neither one needs to subscribe to any plan. This leads to a massive reach of texts amongst all mobile phone users.

4. Visibility

One of the advantages of texting is that there is the slightest chance of it being ignored. As emails can easily be overlooked and have high chance of getting into the spam folder, no such risk is associated with texts. If you are getting no response on your emails to the clients, there are high chances of them being unnoticed, and you should think of connecting to them via texts. SMS just shows up to your clients, which definitely will be read.

5. Simplicity

Texting requires messages to be short and needs to be responded only to the sender, unlike emails. Also, every recipient should receive the information at about the same time. These resolve problems associated with emails like reply all, etc, and keep the process simple.

6. More Scope

SMS provides an easy option to include keywords and links in the text. The user can select only the information that is applicable to him. Unlike emails, texts are short with limited but relevant information, recipients can “reply to XYZ for information,” “click the link below to know more,” or “call 444-454-5588 to talk to a representative.” The text message itself isn’t the final communication, and you can easily provide action steps that they can follow wherever they are.

How to start a text messaging campaign to improve communication?

Proper way to start an SMS campaign

Falkon SMS allows you to send SMS text messages from the comfort of your desktop. You can not only track responses and success rates, but it has a super-friendly user dashboard. It allows you to save complete contact lists in one go, so you don’t need to manually enter numbers for each contact and send a text message. We also provide you with a list of numbers to choose from through which you can send messages, and it will be an easy-to-remember Number.

It will also let you schedule text messages to be sent later.

What does it mean for us?

Texts provide the convenience of accessibility, visibility, and simplicity inherent in communication. To inform recipients clearly, and regularly, texting just makes the most sense. Texting also allows for replies to be collected, recorded, and analyzed, better preparing you to respond to outside input.

If you’re interested in seeing how mass text messaging services can transform your communication with employees, clients, or customers, contact us today.

Get started for Business texting by scheduling a demo with the Falkon SMS team.

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