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Car Service SMS Templates (For Service Centers and Dealers)

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

SMS templates for car service business

The rate of car ownership in the U.S. has been trending upward (91.55% of US households reported having access to at least one vehicle). If you want your business to join this growing trend, you must maintain open lines of communication with your consumers.

Sending text messages to your customers is an effective approach to engaging with them and conveying that you value their loyalty. Maintaining this relationship may be difficult for you (or may require more time and money). However, if you are prepared with prebuilt car service texting templates, you will have a great head start.

So, where do you find these message templates? Well, we're here to help you by providing you with adequate supplies to succeed in the business.

Pre-written messaging templates for car service businesses

01. Setting up 1st Car Service Appointment

First car service is always exciting and reminding your customers is more important so that they don't miss their appointment.

Hey [Customer], it’s [Dealer Name] from [Shop Name]

I see you are due for engine oil, air filter, and coolant change at 10,000 miles. We have several appointments available the following week. You may schedule yours directly by replying to this message!

Car service appointment SMS template

02. Follow-up message for Appointment Confirmation

The first task of setting up an appointment is done. Next, we need to send the confirmation of their appointment and remind the customer about the required documents required for billing.

Hey [Customer Name], it’s [Dealer Name] from [Shop Name]

We received your request for [Car Model] at [Time] on [Date]. Please bring the necessary documents for verification. In case of any query, reply to this text.

Follow up SMS template for appointment confirmation

03. Service Reminder

Sending timely service reminders is a crucial process for the smooth functioning of vehicles. Thus, it’s our responsibility (as a service center) to convey this to our valuable customers.

Hey [Customer], it’s [Dealer Name] from [Shop Name]

It's time to change the oil in your [Car Name]. We have several appointments available the next week. Please reply to confirm your appointment.

Vehicle service reminder SMS template

04. Pickup service

Customers may be preoccupied while waiting for their vehicles to be serviced. To counteract this solution, the service center provides Pickup services, which must be communicated to your customers.

Hey [Customer], it’s [Dealer Name] from [Shop Name]

We have a pickup service available. If you want to schedule a pickup for your [Vehicle Model] servicing on [Date], please respond with a time that works for you.

SMS template for inform about vehicle pick up service

05. Feedback after the appointment

To improve your services, you can ask your customers to give feedback about their recent appointment, and hence incorporating feedback will improve your business efficiency.

Hey [Customer Name],

Thank you for booking your appointment at [Service Center Name]. We are glad to have the opportunity to serve you and your [Car Type and Model]! If you have a moment, please let us know what you thought about your service today; it would be greatly appreciated!

Car service feedback SMS template

06. Reminder for appointment

In today’s busy world sometimes, it's easy to lose track of things, and the same may be said for your customers. As a result, reminding them of their appointment is critical.

Hey [Customer],

This is [Dealer Name] from [Shop Name]. I would like to remind you about your car service appointment at [Time] on [Date]. So that you don’t miss that by any chance.

Reminder SMS template for car service appointment

07. Follow up on the cancellation of the appointment

If your customer cancels their appointment for any reason, you can ask them to reschedule it and ask them for their preferred time for the appointment.

Hey [Customer Name],

We noticed you've canceled your car servicing appointment at [Shop Name] for [Date] at [Time]. If you wish to reschedule your appointment, you can do so by responding with a time that works for you.

Car service appointment cancellation SMS

08. Birthday Wishes

Make your customers feel valuable by sending them Birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday [customer name],

May the finest things come your way. Thank you for being a valued customer of [business name].

Birthday wish SMS from car service

09. Promotional Offer

Maintain constant relationships with your customers by offering them personalized promotional offers for their next purchase.

You received a [$20] bonus coupon for your recent car service. It can be redeemed at your next appointment.

Promotional message from vehicle service

10. Festivals celebration (New Year)

Celebrate the happiness of festivals along with your customers and show that you are always present with your customers.

Happy [New Year], [Customer Name],

May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements, and a lot of new inspirations in your life.

Car service new year SMS template

For more information about SMS Marketing and to know more about Falkon SMS features, book an appointment with us!


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