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Why should you get your MS Teams number text-enabled?

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

Why should you text-enable your MS teams number

Microsoft teams with a user base of 270 million users worldwide have made business communication fun and seamless. Microsoft teams' external calling has become an essential tool for remote teams and for people based out of different geographies to go about their workday.

Microsoft has focused teams to become an all-out interaction tool for both internal and external communications. But the only this missing directly with Microsoft teams calling plan is to text externally.

How should I get my Microsoft teams number text-enabled?

If you are on a Microsoft Calling plan, then it is not possible to text-enable your existing number. Instead, you can port your number to an MS Team Direct Routing provider. The good thing about opting for a direct routing provider you will not have any changes in your teams' external environment, everything will remain the same and the best thing is now you would be able to text-enable your numbers seamlessly!

Why do I need my Teams number text-enabled?

1. Your personal cell number will remain private!

Having a Microsoft teams number will help you to keep your official communication separate from personal communication. But, as MS Teams can’t text external numbers you still might be required to give away your number. Now, text enabling your teams' numbers will definitely help you draw a line between your official and personal communication!

a girl texting with a relaxed mind

2. Talk less and type more!

Remember the famous line “This could have been an email!”? Well, the conversation you just had over the phone could have been just a text! Read that line once again.

a girl typing text messages silently

3. Making MS Teams Super app

Text-enabling your MS Teams number will give the Teams application a superpower to be used for both internal and external communication! You would not be toggling between applications all you need to do is just open your MS Teams app!

a guy satisfied with MS teams app

4. Better customer experience

How cool would it be if your customers can just directly text rather than give you a call which you might not attend due to your busy schedule?

five star review for better customer experience

Now, wondering how to do all this. No worries, we are just a meeting away!


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