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How can SMS-enabling your MS Teams benefit your business?

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

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In today's fast-paced business environment, effective communication is the key to success. Companies are continually seeking ways to streamline their communication channels and improve collaboration among team members. Microsoft Teams has emerged as a powerful platform for business communication and collaboration.

Do you know that you can send SMS using Microsoft Teams? Yes, that's true! By SMS-enabling your MS Teams, you can unlock a whole new level of efficiency and productivity for your business. In this article, we will explore the benefits of integrating SMS capabilities with MS Teams and how it can positively impact your organization.

Benefits of text-enabling your MS Teams number

01. Stronger customer relationships

As MS Teams texting is a 2-way communication, the business can enhance its relationship with each customer, thus creating brand loyalty. Further, companies can immediately address any queries, and the response rate is high concerning text messages.

02. Expeditious customer service

Every minute is precious in this ever-changing world! And every delay in customer service is a considerable slump in customer satisfaction. However, businesses can use the SMS-enabled MS Teams to respond to customer queries as soon and as efficiently as possible!

03. Responsive marketing campaign

A research report of Frost and Sullivan and Epsilon conducted in 2009, and 2010 found that the opening rate of E-mails and SMS stands at 22% and 98%, respectively!

This analysis shows how powerful an SMS marketing campaign can be. So, it is imminent that the business needed to use this feature to notify their existing and prospective customers of their latest products and services.

04. Twin advantage

Since enabling SMS in Teams requires direct routing, businesses can have the dual advantage of making and receiving voice calls from external phone numbers and sending and receiving SMS. Moreover, direct routing has the benefit of providing cost-effective, customized plans with seamless service.

05. Reliable communication

As every conversation is linked to individual numbers and solution providers are adding additional levels of security, businesses can rest assured that their information is staying safe, and customers can have more trust and reliability with SMS communication.

06. Centralized IT system

Using SMS-enabled MS Teams, organizations can have a single communication system eliminating separate devices for calling and messaging. Thus, a single robust IT system can manage all information.

07. TCPA compliant

Unlike many other external communication modes, SMS is more TCPA compliant, and any solution provider designs the features so that it follows all the regulations of TCPA.


Incorporating SMS capabilities into Microsoft Teams can be a game-changer for your business. It enhances real-time communication, expands your reach to customers, fosters better collaboration, and ensures the security of sensitive information.

Furthermore, SMS integration offers opportunities for automation and seamless integration with other business systems. By leveraging these benefits, your organization can achieve higher efficiency, improved customer engagement, and ultimately a competitive edge in the market.

Want to get started with MS Teams texting? Simply schedule a demo with our Falkon SMS team for better assistance.


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