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Ready-to-Use SMS Templates for Restaurants

Updated: Feb 29

SMS templates for restaurants

Sending outright text messages is the key to a successful SMS marketing campaign. At times it gets confusing about what texts to send to your customers. Hence, Falkon SMS to the rescue! We have spoken with different restaurant owners and developed some text-ready templates for restaurants.

SMS templates for restaurants

1. Let your customers know:

restaurant announcements

Hey [Customer Name]! This is [Name] from [restaurant Name]. We are happy to announce that we are just a text away now! Now, you need not wait for someone to pick your call. All you need to do is send us a text and we will respond instantaneously! Have a great rest of the week!

2. Encourage customers to order via text:

Order now SMS template

Hey [Customer Name]! Now you can order via a text message. Order now and get a 5% discount on your order!

3. Making a reservation via text message:

restaurant reservation text message

Hey [Customer Name], Reserve a table today with a simple text! Just reply to this message to book your table now!

4. The Promotional Message:

promo message template

Hey [Customer Name], Special discount on brunch! Dine with us today and get an exclusive 10% discount on your bill!

5. The Birthday Message:

birthday message from a restaurant

Hey [Customer Name], Happy Birthday! Drop by us and enjoy an exclusive 5% discount on your special day!

6. The Order update:

order update SMS template

Hey [Customer Name], your order id: 12345 is shipped. Our executive Dylan is on his way to deliver it hot and fresh! You can contact him on 1234556789. Happy fooding!

7. The feedback message:

feedback message

Hey {Customer Name}, Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you had a great time. Please let us know how was your experience by filling this feedback form! Hope to see you soon!

8. The anniversary message:

anniversary wishes template from restaurant

Hey [Customer Name], Happy Anniversary! Drop by us and enjoy an exclusive 5% discount on your special day!

Book an appointment and talk to us to learn more information about SMS Marketing and to know how your restaurant can benefit by using Falkon SMS!

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9 hours ago

Super helpful!


Wow, these are super helpful templates! Thanks for sharing!


Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans
5 days ago

Useful templates!!


Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith
6 days ago

The templates you mentioned are highly effective and well-crafted. They truly stand out in terms of quality and usefulness.

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