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Super Bowl SMS Marketing and Promotional Text Templates

Updated: Mar 13

SMS ideas for super bowl promos

January 15, 1967, Kansas City Chiefs vs Green Bay Packers was something magical the United States has witnessed. The first-ever super bowl and this year are the 56th Super Bowl in NFL history. It is a spectacular sporting event but, it is the greatest marketing spectacle as well!

National Retail Federation conducted a survey which found that 184.5 million US adults are planning to tune in for the big game. Well, that’s a gold mine for the advertisers. The data also suggests that 90 million adults are either throwing a party or attending one and 13.7 million have decided to go out and watch the game at a bar or restaurant. This is a really good sign for a lot of businesses who are struggling to recover from COVID 19.

The estimated total spending of all American consumers on the day of the Super Bowl is $14.6 Billion in total. 79% of the spending will be done on Food/Beverages, 11% on Team apparel, 9% on Television sets, 8% on Decorations, and 5% on Furniture. Now, businesses in these sectors need to devise an alternate strategy to reach out to the consumers and a text marketing campaign will be able to make your business stand out from the noise of advertising. To help you out we have some templates which you can send it out to your customers!

Super Bowl SMS Templates for Different Businesses


restaurant super bowl promo messages

["Who are you cheering for the Bengals or the Rams? Whoever it is, know that we are cheering for you and we are offering an exclusive discount of 10% especially for you! Order or Walk-in right now!"]

Sports Apparel

friends watching super bowl

["Are you wearing your sleeve on your heart?

Not yet then order now and get an exclusive discount of 5% on your favorite jersey!"]

Electronic Stores

Super bowl sms templates for electronic stores

["Still, stuck in 480p clarity? Get your hands on the latest OLED television for 'The Game'. Visit us to know more details about the exclusive in-store deals!"]

Furniture shops

super bowl SMS campaign for furniture stores

["Presenting you “Game range Furniture” exclusively for you. Visit us to know more about the details!"]

If you wish to enable such effective SMS marketing campaigns for your business numbers, then my friend, talk to us right away!

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