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How to use SMS marketing to drive traffic to your website

Updated: Mar 18

How to skyrocket web traffic using SMS

E-commerce has expanded considerably in recent years, revolutionizing how businesses operate and the way consumers shop. Online shopping's ease of use, accessibility, and numerous options have assisted the e-commerce sector to attain new heights.

According to a report published by Research & Market in 2022, the size of the global e-commerce market reached $16.6 trillion. The publisher projects that the market will amount to $70.9 trillion by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 27.38% from 2022 to 2028. So, there is a tremendous opportunity in this sector.

Are you facing trouble differentiating the e-commerce business you run in the competitive market? Have you tried out a lot of different tactics and still can’t be able to boost traffic to your website? Sit tight. We will clarify all your doubts in the upcoming section.

In this blog we are going to discuss the following topics:

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing (or “text marketing”) is a form of mobile marketing that allows businesses to send text messages to customers and prospects. These messages can be anything from promotional offers and discounts to appointment reminders and shipping notifications.

SMS marketing has several advantages over other mobile marketing strategies like email marketing and push notifications. For one, SMS messages have a nearly 100% open rate, which means your audience is much more likely to see your text message than your email (average open rates for emails are around 22%). SMS marketing is a great way to reach your target audience with a concise and clear message.

Why should you use SMS to drive traffic to your website?

With its unique features along with its effectiveness in reaching out as well as connecting with your target audience, SMS (Short Message Service) is an invaluable tool for driving traffic to your website.

SMS marketing can be a great way to drive traffic to your website. Since SMS messages go directly to the phones of customers who have already expressed interest in what you have to sell by opting-in to your text message campaign, the open rates are high and the audience is receptive. Simply put, this is a fantastic opportunity to get top-of-mind awareness and drive traffic to your website.

SMS marketing can help you increase revenue by driving traffic to your store or website. You can use SMS messages to promote special sales and events and include a call to action that encourages customers to take advantage of the offer.

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

  • SMS marketing starts by building a subscriber base: Companies can get customers' consent to receive SMS messages by means of opt-in techniques including online sign-ups, keyword-based subscriptions, or incentive opt-ins.

  • Targeting and segmentation: The subscriber base is broken down into multiple categories depending on characteristics like preferences, demographics, or historical purchasing patterns. This enables more specialized and precise communications. More about this will be discussed in the later section.

  • Creating engaging messages: SMS messages are brief and to the point, often 160 characters. They are designed to be eye-catching, to deliver the main message, and to have a clear call to action.

  • Sending SMS campaigns: To schedule and automate the delivery of SMS messages to their subscriber base, organizations may opt for a bulk SMS provider or an SMS marketing platform.

  • Tracking and analytics: Businesses track the performance of their SMS campaigns by analyzing metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall engagement. This data helps in optimizing future campaigns and improving results.

How to drive traffic to your website using SMS?

Here are some ways to drive traffic to your website using SMS marketing:

  1. Include embedded links in your SMS: Insert clickable links directly within your text messages, guiding recipients to your website with a single tap.

  2. Keep the message short: Deliver concise and compelling SMS content to capture attention instantly and encourage immediate action. You have a limit of 160 characters in an SMS to convey your message. Get to the point fast and cut out any unnecessary filler. To avoid unnecessary fillers when structuring your SMS, use this framework:

    1. Company name

    2. Customer name

    3. Offer or promotion

    4. Applicable conditions

    5. CTA

    6. Opt-out option.

  3. Make it special: Offer exclusive deals, limited-time offers, or sneak peeks to make your SMS promotions feel unique and enticing.

  4. Solicit feedback: Engage customers by asking for their opinions and encouraging them to visit your website for surveys or reviews.

  5. Tell customers what you want them to do: Use clear and persuasive calls-to-action, instructing recipients to visit your website for more information or to avail of a promotion.

  6. Offer incentives: Encourage website visits by providing incentives such as discounts, freebies, or rewards for customers who click on the provided links.

  7. Combine with other platforms: Integrate SMS marketing with other channels like social media or email to maximize exposure and drive traffic from various sources.

  8. Use customer data for personalized experiences: Utilize customer information to tailor SMS content to individual preferences, creating a more personalized and relevant experience that drives traffic to your website.

SMS marketing templates to increase visitors to your website

  1. Hi [Potential Customer's Name], we noticed your interest in our products! As a thank you, here's an exclusive 15% off coupon for your first purchase. Visit our website [insert website URL] and use code WELCOME15 at checkout. Happy shopping!

  2. Hello [Existing Customer's Name], thank you for your continued support! We'd like to share some wonderful news. Our fresh new inventory just arrived! Visit [insert website URL] to browse the newest trends and take advantage of free shipping on all purchases. Start your shopping right away.

  3. Hi [Previous Customer's Name], we miss you! It's been a while since your last purchase. We'd love to welcome you back with a special offer. Get 20% off your next order on our website [insert website URL]. Don't miss out on our latest products and updates!

  4. Don't miss out on our exclusive holiday sale! Get 30% off your purchase today. Click here to start shopping: [insert embedded link].

  5. Hi [Customer's Name], we noticed you recently purchased [Product A]. Did you know that [Product B] complements it perfectly? Complete your collection and enjoy 10% off [Product B] with code CROSS10. Shop now at [insert website URL].

  6. Hi [Customer's Name], it's been a while since we've seen you. We miss you! As a token of appreciation, here's a special 15% off coupon for your next purchase. Visit our website [insert website URL] and use code MISSYOU15 at checkout. Welcome back!

  7. Hey [Customer's Name], exciting news! We just launched our new collection. Discover the latest trends and fresh arrivals on our website [insert website URL]. Be the first to get your hands on them!

  8. Flash Sale Alert! Get a FREE gift with any purchase over $50. Limited stock is available. Shop now at [insert website URL]!

  9. Hi [subscriber's name], your order TRC2356 has shipped! Track your package here: [insert embedded link]. Thank you for shopping with us!

  10. Stay updated with our latest news and offers! Sign up for our SMS updates at [insert website URL] and receive 10% off your next purchase. Join our community today!

In all the above examples, we have followed the rule of thumb. Wherever possible, keep your content simple and to the point. In short, follow the KISS (keep it simple, stupid) principle always.


SMS marketing is a successful tactic for increasing website visitors. You can engage new, current, and former consumers by personalizing interactions, providing incentives, and timing your messages right. Your efforts will be more effective if you make use of text clubs, cross-selling opportunities, and embedded links. SMS marketing can be a useful tool in your entire marketing plan if you use clear calls-to-action and a mobile-friendly strategy. Start using SMS marketing and watch the traffic to your website skyrocket.

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