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How to use QR codes in your SMS campaigns

How to use QR codes in text message marketing

Think about a marketing strategy that seamlessly combines the effectiveness of SMS messages with the practicality of QR codes. Businesses can do just that with SMS QR codes. These clever codes operate as entry points to customized deals, premium content, and immediate actions.

Businesses can deliver customized messages, monitor engagements, and increase conversions like never before by fusing the accessibility of SMS with the interactive nature of QR codes. Check out this blog to find out how marketing is being revolutionized by SMS QR codes.

In this blog you will get to know:

What is a QR Code?

The "quick response" (or "QR") code is essentially a barcode on steroids. The QR code can store data both horizontally and vertically, in contrast to the barcode, which can only do so.

The QR Code was first released in 1994 by DENSO WAVE, which was a branch of DENSO CORPORATION at the time. The acronym QR, which stands for "quick response," expresses the high-speed reading-focused development philosophy for the code, it is an image that can be instantly read by a smartphone camera and is machine-scannable.

Each QR code is made up of many black squares and dots that stand in for various kinds of data. Your smartphone will translate the information it reads from this code into a human-friendly form when it is scanned.

For instance, you could provide a discount by sending customers a QR code on their phones. The discount is then immediately applied when they visit your store and you scan the code. Another illustration, particularly during COVID, is when restaurants offer diners a connection to the menu by having them scan a QR code instead of receiving printed menus.

How To Create an SMS QR Code?

SMS remains a trustworthy and efficient form of communication in a world that is becoming more and more digital. The addition of QR codes has made SMS interactions simpler than before.

By creating SMS QR codes, you can empower your audience to send text messages instantly by simply scanning a code.

The following are the steps to create an SMS QR Code:

01. Find a QR code generator

You can find several online QR code generation tools. To find an appropriate one, type "QR code generator" into your favorite search engine.

02. Select the SMS option

After deciding on a QR code maker, check for the option to generate an SMS QR code. The exact methods will depend on the generator you're using, but most of them offer a variety of QR code kinds, including SMS.

03. Insert the SMS information

Complete the required fields for the SMS message. This normally contains the phone number of the intended recipient and the message's text that you want to pre-fill into the SMS.

04. Create the QR code

By selecting the "Generate" or "Create" option after inputting the SMS information. Based on the data entered the programmer will generate a QR code.

05. Customize the QR code

Many QR code generators let you change the QR code's appearance by choosing colors, including a logo or picture, or changing the size. The QR code can be modified to reflect your tastes or your company's branding.

06. Download & save it

When you are satisfied with the QR code's appearance, download or save it to your computer or other device. The QR code is frequently offered in picture format (such as PNG or JPEG).

07. Test & review it

Before utilizing the QR code, it is a good idea to test it to make sure it functions as intended. Scan the QR code with a QR code scanner app or your smartphone's built-in scanner to confirm that it opens a new SMS message with the recipient's number and pre-filled text.

How to use QR Codes in SMS Marketing?

Businesses have concentrated on using QR codes for SMS marketing to increase their subscriber lists and give their audience useful information due to the wide range of potential uses for QR codes, many of us are familiar with QR codes as digital tickets or possibly as the newest method of getting a link to a restaurant's menu.

So here are the steps to use QR codes in SMS marketing effectively.

01. Define objectives for your SMS marketing campaign

When you use a QR code for your marketing campaign first decide what objective you want your SMS marketing campaign to achieve specifically. Any number of marketing goals might be pursued, including advertising a new product, providing a discount, increasing website traffic, getting client feedback, etc.

02. Use a QR code generator to support your marketing goals

To produce a QR code that supports your marketing goal, use a QR code generator. Create a URL QR code, for instance, if you want to direct users to a certain landing page. Create a QR code for a coupon if you want to give away a discount. Based on the action you want the QR code to trigger, select the relevant type.

03. Enhance the visual appeal of your QR code

Make the QR code's appearance more appealing visually and consistent with your brand. To improve awareness and strengthen brand identity, including your logo, colors, or other design features.

04. Include QR codes in your SMS messages

Include a link or an image of a QR code in your SMS messages. Clearly state the value or benefit recipients will obtain from scanning the code in a succinct, persuasive message that entices recipients to do so.

05. Provide clear instructions for QR code scanning

Give recipients clear instructions on how to use a smartphone app to scan the QR code. Include a brief description of what readers can anticipate when they scan the code, such as accessing an offer, subscribing to a newsletter, or taking part in a contest.

06. Ensure compliance and relevance in SMS messaging

Make sure your SMS messages adhere to any applicable laws and industry standards. Consider the frequency of your communications, including a way for recipients to opt out, and place a high priority on relevancy and value.

07. Monitor and evaluate SMS campaign results with QR codes

Monitor and evaluate the results of your SMS campaigns using QR codes. Count scans, click-through rates, conversions, and customer interaction as metrics. Consider the statistics while making decisions for upcoming campaigns to learn more about how effective your QR code efforts were.

08. Optimize and improve SMS QR code campaigns

Your SMS QR code campaigns should be improved and optimized based on the data and insights obtained. To increase engagement and conversion rates, experiment with various QR code placements, messaging changes, or incentives.

Benefits of having QR codes in SMS

1. Customization options

There are several ways to customize QR codes. Each QR Code can be customized with a custom CTA (call to action), custom frames, logo, and brand colors with Lead Liaison's Custom QR Code Builder. This works in tandem with your other marketing initiatives to encourage personalized communication and strengthen your brand's overall reputation.

2. Convenient feedback collection

Real-world feedback from in-person interactions and events can be recorded using QR codes. A consumer doesn't need to register or sign in to leave feedback thanks to the convenience offered by QR codes. All they need to do is scan the barcode and fill out the form's data. Customers can now use QR codes more easily, and it also encourages other people to leave comments.

3. Wide range of materials that can be linked

Many different types of information can be accessed with QR codes. Sharing movies, boosting social media interaction, encouraging app downloads, or directing viewers to a particular landing page are all examples of this. Before adding a QR code to your campaign, it's crucial to understand your objectives because QR codes can be used for many different things.

4. Secure and reliable

To secure sensitive information, QR codes might include authentication or encryption elements. This is crucial if you want to use QR codes for secure content access, mobile payments, or loyalty programs. Users can communicate with companies or access private information via QR codes, which are secure and reliable.

5. Information is readily available

Thanks to QR codes, which offer users a simple and quick way to get hold of data or carry out tasks. Users can quickly browse websites, download apps, buy things, sign up for loyalty programs, or access unique content by scanning a QR code included in an SMS message. This saves consumers time and effort by removing the need to manually type URLs or conduct information searches.

6. Trackable and measurable

They offer useful information about the success of SMS marketing. Businesses may track the number of scans, conversions, click-through rates, and other pertinent analytics by creating distinct QR codes for various campaigns or channels. Making data-driven decisions for the next SMS initiatives, optimizing methods, and assessing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns are all made easier with the use of this data.

7. Promotional power

Promotions are possible using SMS QR codes. Businesses can produce QR codes that direct users to limited-time offers, flash specials, or special discounts. Customers are motivated to act right away by the sense of urgency this provides, which increases conversions and purchases.

8. Flexibility and scalability

QR codes are suitable for enterprises of all sizes since they are easily scalable. Whether you own a local small business or a multinational corporation, QR codes may be used in your SMS marketing plans to help you connect and engage with a large audience without incurring a lot of extra expenses.

Use cases of SMS marketing QR codes

To make text messaging more convenient for engagement, commerce, and conversation, SMS QR codes can be utilized in a variety of situations.

Here are a few cases where SMS QR codes have been used.

01. Lead generation

SMS QR codes can be used to generate leads or collect contact information. The QR code opens an SMS with pre-filled contact information when it is scanned, making it simple for users to transmit information for purposes like newsletter subscriptions or questions.

02. Seamless mobile payments

SMS QR codes can be used for mobile payment solutions, or vice versa. Users can confirm transactions or start mobile payments through secure platforms by scanning the QR code, which sends an SMS with payment information.

03. Mobile marketing

SMS QR codes can be used in marketing materials like print advertisements, billboards, brochures, and product packaging for mobile marketing campaigns. Users who scan the QR code are taken to a pre-written SMS message or landing page where they can sign up for newsletters, contests, loyalty programs, or promotional offers.

04. Instant Discounts and Coupon Redemption

Discounts and coupons can be redeemed by scanning SMS QR codes that companies can develop. These codes, when scanned, open an SMS with the appropriate code or message. Users can easily take advantage of the promotion by scanning the SMS QR code at the point of sale.

05. Event registrations

SMS QR codes can be used by event organizers to speed up the registration or ticketing process. Attendees can scan the QR code on event invites, posters, or tickets to quickly send an SMS with their registration information or ticket information, streamlining the registration or check-in process.

06. Customer support

Companies can streamline customer assistance or queries by sending SMS QR codes to customers. Users can rapidly get in touch for assistance or questions by scanning the QR code, which sends an SMS to the customer service number or a selected contact.

07. Instant feedback and surveys

Customer feedback forms and survey requests can both include QR codes. Customers can instantly offer feedback or responses by scanning the QR code, which opens an SMS with pre-filled content.


As a result of their numerous advantages and prospects, QR codes have emerged as a crucial component of SMS marketing campaigns. Businesses may deliver interactive and tailored experiences for customers, close the gap between offline and online channels, and increase consumer engagement by including QR codes in SMS messages.

As well as facilitating mobile payments, loyalty programs, promotions, and app downloads, QR codes in SMS allow for seamless integration with traditional marketing materials. Additionally, they make it easier to register for events, offer information about their products, gather customer reviews, and improve social media interaction. Additionally, QR codes are adaptable to enterprises of all sizes and enable trackability, cost-efficiency, and scalability. Need to start an SMS marketing campaign but have no idea how to begin? Just book a meeting with us, and we will tell you what to do.

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