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Recover Lost Sales with Abandoned Cart SMS Marketing

Updated: Jul 17

Abandoned Cart SMS Strategy

Nowadays every missed opportunity can have a huge impact on your bottom line in the fast-paced world of e-commerce. Consider the following scenario: a buyer carefully chooses things, adds them to their shopping cart, and then... vanishes. Online businesses encounter this frustrating situation all too frequently.

But don't worry! Abandoned cart SMS marketing is a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox that can revive those abandoned carts and recover lost sales.

This blog post will introduce you to the fascinating world of SMS marketing for abandoned shopping carts. Prepare for a shocking investigation of a strategy that has transformed many e-commerce companies' success. Get ready to learn how a quick text message can be the key to increasing the rate of conversion and generating huge amounts of revenue.

What is abandoned cart SMS marketing?

E-commerce companies utilize SMS marketing to re-engage shoppers who have added things to their online shopping carts but have not completed the transaction. It involves reminding and encouraging these clients with personalized text messages to return to the website or app and finish their transactions.

An SMS is automatically delivered when a customer adds products to their cart but then departs your store without making a purchase, and this message is known as an abandoned cart message. An abandoned cart SMS aims to persuade the customer to purchase the item or items they've put in their shopping cart.

Why do customers abandon carts?

Top reasons for abandonments of shopping carts

Over 70% of online buyers leave their carts before completing the purchase. For a variety of reasons, people leave behind their carts. The good news is that you can draw them back and convince them to finish their purchase by sending them abandoned cart SMS.

There are many reasons why customers abandon their shopping carts. Here are some of the common reasons of shopping cart abandonment

Unexpected expenditures

Customers may decide not to complete the transaction if they are presented with unexpected costs during the checkout process, such as large shipping costs, taxes, or other fees.

Complicated checkout process

Customers may abandon their carts because of lengthy or difficult checkout procedures that demand too much information or numerous steps.

Technical problems

During checkout, bugs, lengthy loading delays, or technical errors might irritate customers and cause them to abandon their carts.

Uncertainty or change of mind

Customers may put items in their carts in the excitement of the moment or with the intention of afterward second-guessing their purchase. However, they may change their minds or find a better offer before completing the sale.

Research and price comparison

A lot of customers use online shopping to look up products and compare costs. A person may put things in their shopping cart with the purpose of returning them later or comparing prices on other websites, which leads to cart abandonment.

Customers may be distracted or interrupted while shopping

Whether it's by a phone call, a task linked to their job, or just because they're not interested in what they're doing at the time.

Concerns about shipping and delivery

Customers may leave their carts empty if they are uncertain about shipment estimates, delivery options, or the availability of their preferred delivery methods.

Lack of trust or positive reviews

Customers may be afraid to make a purchase if they are unfamiliar with the brand or lack positive customer feedback.

Lack of payment choices

Customers may hesitate to finish their transaction if few or difficult payment options are available. Reducing cart abandonment can be achieved by providing several payment options.

Why use SMS to avoid abandoned carts?

The open rates for SMS messages are surprisingly high, frequently topping 90%. Compared to other forms of communication, customers are more likely to open and read a text message, increasing the probability that it will be noticed and cause a response.

There are several convincing reasons in favor of using SMS for abandoned cart messages:

Complementary to other channels

To reinforce the message and increase the likelihood that customers will see it, SMS can be used in combination with other communication channels like email or retargeting ads. Businesses may establish an integrated and multichannel marketing strategy for recovering abandoned carts by combining several channels in a coordinated approach.

Instant delivery

SMS messages are sent right to clients' mobile devices, guaranteeing immediate delivery and visibility. SMS messages are often received and reviewed shortly after being sent, unlike emails or other forms of communication that could be overlooked or get lost in inboxes.

The immediacy and frequent notifications

SMS messages can be used to send customers reminders about their abandoned carts at the right time, generating a sense of urgency and motivating them to take action. SMS is a good way to get clients' attention while their desire to buy is still fresh because it is immediate in nature.

A whopping open rate

Studies show that nearly all SMS messages are opened and read by their recipients, with an open rate of more than 90% for SMS messages. Considering this, SMS is useful for ensuring clients who have abandoned their shopping carts read your message.

Experience with Mobile Devices

SMS is a mobile-native channel that is ideal for contacting clients using their mobile phones. Given that most online shoppers browse and shop on mobile devices, SMS offers a seamless and user-friendly interface that makes it simple for customers to click links and return to their abandoned carts.

Immediate and Custom Communication

SMS enables direct and customized client communication. By addressing clients by name and customizing the message to their abandoned cart items, you can encourage a sense of personalization and raise the chance of engagement.

Tips for abandoned cart SMS marketing

Most businesses nowadays have a significant hurdle when trying to recover abandoned carts. Customers can be won back using well-known and popular marketing strategies including email reminders, Facebook, and Google retargeting. However, marketers wouldn't be marketers if they weren't constantly searching for new, improved, and more cost-effective marketing strategies and platforms.

Timing is crucial

To maximize the impact of your messages, sending them at the right moment is essential. Aim to send the SMS shortly after the cart abandonment occurs. This ensures that your message reaches customers while their intent to purchase is still fresh, increasing the chances of re-engaging them and prompting them to complete their purchase.

Test and evaluate your campaigns frequently

To determine the effectiveness of your SMS communications, and monitor data like open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Utilize the collected data to enhance and strengthen your messaging approach, making sure to consistently optimize your efforts for the best outcomes.

Utilize a call-to-action

For customers to return to their abandoned carts, your SMS messages must contain a distinct call-to-action. Give clear instructions on what clients should do next, such as directing them to a link that will return them to their cart. Make the procedure as simple as possible, eliminating any barriers that can stop buyers from finishing their transactions. You boost the likelihood of conversion by making it simple and easy for them to take action.

Write your message to the point

Remember that conciseness is essential while writing your SMS messages. Due to the character limits of SMS messages, it's critical to convey your point clearly and briefly. Clearly state the message's goal, such as to prompt customers to act by informing them of their unclaimed products. To make the most of the limited space provided, make every word count and utilize plain language.

Personalize your message

Your abandoned cart SMS messages' effectiveness can be greatly increased by personalization. To establish a sense of familiarity, use names when addressing clients in SMS messages. Remind them of the things they were interested in by mentioning their abandoned cart items in the message. The possibility of involvement rises because of the personal touch, which makes the message seem more individualized and pertinent to their needs.

Abandoned cart SMS examples


In the world of e-commerce, seizing every opportunity to recover potentially lost customers and lost sales is paramount. That's where the power of an effective abandoned cart SMS marketing strategy comes into play.

Picture this: your customers, just a click away from completing their purchase, suddenly get distracted and leave their carts behind. It's a common scenario, but with Falkon SMS, you can turn these missed chances into conversions.

Imagine effortlessly sending timely and personalized cart abandonment reminders that gently nudge your customers back to their shopping journey. Our platform offers a suite of cutting-edge text messaging features designed to re-engage, re-inspire, and ultimately, re-convert.

Ready to take your e-commerce game to the next level? Take the first step by scheduling a meeting with us. Let's transform lost opportunities into lasting success, together.

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