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Dental Appointments Reminder SMS Templates

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

SMS templates for dentists / dental practice

As a dental practice, you want to ensure that your patients show up for their appointments and that you're maximizing your time and resources. One of the best ways to do this is by sending appointment reminder texts to your patients.

In this Blog, we'll explore the benefits of using appointment reminder SMS with some dental appointment reminder text examples, share best practices for sending appointment reminder texts, and show you how to send appointment reminders with Falkon SMS. Let's get started!

Table of contents:

Why businesses should use dental appointment reminders?

According to recent statistics, the healthcare industry in the United States loses over $150 billion annually due to missed appointments. It is common for medical clinics to face a no-show rate ranging from 5% to 30%, and every missed appointment results in an average loss of $200 for healthcare providers.

The amount of revenue you are losing every month due to no-shows is calculated through the following formula:

The average number of patients per month x Average revenue per appointment x Average no-show rate

Therefore, there is a high need to send Appointment Reminder SMS messages.

Why do people miss appointments?

A study found that 38% of patients miss their appointments due to forgetfulness or because they were not aware that they had scheduled one in the first place.

Also, 16% of patients reported that Personal or work-related emergencies prevented them from attending their appointments.

Not only that but also, almost 7% stated that they lacked transportation to get to their appointment.

SMS reminders may not be delivered due to technical issues such as poor network connectivity, phone issues, or software bugs.

Due to these reasons, it is really important for dental professionals to address these factors and work with patients to find solutions that promote regular attendance and prioritize oral health.

Dentists may employ strategies such as reminder systems, flexible scheduling options, addressing dental anxiety, and improving patient education to reduce missed appointments.

You can address all these factors by using SMS marketing.

Benefits of using SMS marketing for dental appointment reminders

  • Appointment reminder SMS is a convenient and cost-effective way to reduce no-shows and increase patient attendance.

  • It helps to remind patients about upcoming appointments and reduces the likelihood of last-minute cancellations and no-show rates.

  • It shows that you care about your patients and their time, which can improve patient satisfaction and retention.

  • Reminders can save time and resources for healthcare providers, as they help reduce the number of missed appointments and cancellations, which can lead to better time management and resource allocation.

  • By reducing the number of missed appointments, patients are more likely to receive the care they need, which can lead to better health outcomes and improved quality of life.

Dental text message reminder templates

Here is a list of dental practice SMS notifications and templates that can be used to send your patients:

01. Simple Reminder

This type of SMS template is a straightforward reminder that includes the patient's name, appointment date, and time.

02. Personalized Reminder

This type of SMS template includes the patient's name and some personalized messages to show that the dentist's office cares about the patient's well-being.

03. Confirmatory Reminder

This type of SMS template requests the patient to confirm the appointment by replying "Yes" or "No."

04. Rescheduling Reminder

This type of SMS template reminds the patient about their upcoming appointment and gives them the option to reschedule if needed.

05. Promotional Reminder

This type of SMS template can include a promotional offer such as a discount on teeth whitening or a free dental check-up.

06. One-Week Appointment Reminder

This type of reminder is sent one week before the scheduled appointment to ensure that the patient does not forget about it.

07. 24-Hour Appointment Reminder

This type of reminder is sent 24 hours before the scheduled appointment to ensure that the patient remembers and has enough time to reschedule if needed.

08. Virtual Appointment Starting Now

This type of reminder is sent to remind the patient that their virtual appointment is starting now.

09. Feedback Request

This type of reminder is sent to ask the patient for feedback on their appointment.

10. Missed Appointment

This type of reminder is sent when the patient misses their scheduled appointment.

Ultimately, the type of SMS template used for dentist appointment reminders will depend on the dentist's office's specific needs and goals.

Best practices for sending dental appointment reminder texts

  • Keep it short and sweet: SMS messages have a character limit, so keep your messages short and to the point.

  • Personalize your messages: Address patients by name and use the name of the doctor and practice to create a more personalized experience.

  • Include important details: Include the date, time, and location of the appointment, as well as any other important details that patients should be aware of.

  • Send reminders in advance: Send appointment reminders at least 24 hours in advance to give patients enough time to plan and make any necessary arrangements.

  • Let your brand’s voice shine through: The text message that you send should reflect the same tone of voice that you share with your patients and your identity as a practice.

  • Remind them of the no-show policy: Be upfront and clear with your customers about what you’re rescheduling, and the cancellation policy is, as they will be more likely to cancel or reschedule sooner if they know that there is a fee involved.

  • Verify phone number periodically: Always double-check with your patients when they come in for a visit to make sure that you have their correct phone and email information on file.

  • Give them the option to opt-out: Your patients may have chosen to sign up to receive text messaging from your business, but their preferences could have changed. Sending a simple text message like “Reply STOP to unsubscribe from future texts” can suffice.

How to send appointment reminders with Falkon SMS?

Falkon SMS is a user-friendly SMS marketing platform that makes it easy to send appointment reminders to your patients. Here are the steps to send appointment reminders with Falkon SMS:

  • Step 01: Sign up for a Falkon SMS account.

  • Step 02: Create a new SMS campaign and select the appointment reminder template you want to use.

  • Step 03: Customize the template with the name of the doctor and practice, as well as the date, time, and location of the appointment.

  • Step 04: Import your patient list into Falkon SMS.

  • Step 05: Schedule the appointment reminder to be sent at least 24 hours in advance.


In conclusion, sending appointment reminder SMS is an effective way to reduce no-shows and improve patient attendance. By following the SMS best practices and using templates you can create a personalized and effective reminder system that benefits both your patients and your practice.

With Falkon SMS, sending appointment reminders has never been easier. So, start using appointment reminders today and see the positive impact it can have on your practice!

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