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How to send GIFs in text messages?

How to text a GIF

GIFs: the language of the internet, capable of expressing joy, sadness, awkwardness, and everything in between with a single, hilarious loop. But how do you translate these internet gems into your text messages?

In this extensive blog, we'll explore the many facets of GIF integration and demonstrate how they may enthrall, engage, and clarify your messaging in ways that words alone cannot. Prepare to transform your talks into interesting and GIF-rich exchanges!

Table of Contents

What is a GIF?

GIF, which stands for Graphics Interchange Format, is a versatile multimedia format that can hold several frames in a single file structure.

It came from CompuServe, and because of its special feature set that allowed for both static and moving pictures, it became quite popular very quickly.

Despite having a color selection limited to 256 colors, GIFs are an excellent option for supporting animation and transparency, which makes them perfect for creating clear, looping visual material. 

These days, you can find them everywhere on the internet. They're a popular way to convey feelings, clarify ideas, and add humor to online discussions.

How to text someone a GIF?

Since many social media sites have included GIF libraries in their user interfaces, users may find and share GIFs with ease while creating posts or messages.

Depending on the social media site, messaging apps, and privacy settings, the GIF you share may be viewed by the recipient of your message or your followers.

Some of the basic steps for sending GIFs to someone are as follows:

Finding GIFs in a web browser or using social media platforms that support them

Start by launching a GIF-compatible social media app or a Messaging app. You can usually find GIFs in user posts and messages on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or you can find them on different online GIF-creating websites or tools.

Forming a Text Message or Posting

Create a new message or post once you're within the app. Seek for the space where you can write a new article or start a discussion.

Find and Pick a GIF

To access the GIF library on the platform, tap the GIF icon or button. Type in keywords associated with the GIF you're looking for, such as feelings, reactions, or certain themes, using the given search field. This lets you select a GIF that works well for your message, or you can download the GIF from a website and then copy–paste it into your text message.

Send the GIF

The chosen GIF will be added to your message or post after you pick it. You may now add any additional content or just share the GIF by putting it on your feed or sending it through the site as a message.

How to send GIFs to an Android & iOS user?


The use of Texting Apps:

  • On your Android device, launch a messaging app such as WhatsApp, Messenger, or the built-in texting app.

  • Engage in dialogue with the recipient on Android.

  • Press the attachment symbol (usually a paperclip or a "+").

  • Click "Photos" or "Gallery" to select the GIF from your device.

  • To share a GIF with an Android user, choose it and click "Send".


Messaging Apps (such as WhatsApp or iMessage)

  • On your iOS device, launch the messaging software (such as WhatsApp or iMessage).

  • Start a conversation with the iOS receiver.

  • In the chat window, tap the attachment icon.

  • Access the GIF keyboard or your photo collection.

  • Tap "Send" after selecting the GIF you wish to contribute to join the discussion.

Benefits of using GIFs in Texting


Getting Past Barriers to Language

GIFs provide a worldwide visual language that bypasses language barriers to facilitate communication. Regardless of linguistic ability, they act as a universal language, guaranteeing that feelings and concepts are recognized.

Because GIFs may be used by people from different languages, they facilitate easy communication and connection, which promotes inclusivity and togetherness in online discussions.

Beneficial Theme Communication

GIFs serve as effective visual aids for complex subjects when words alone are insufficient to convey them. These cartoons provide a clear, complete portrayal of complicated concepts by making them simpler and easier to understand.

GIFs help people grasp abstract or difficult subjects better by giving them a visual context. This improves communication effectiveness and ensures that information is conveyed more effectively.

Active Interaction

Text exchanges become much more engaging when GIFs are included. Their lively quality draws the eye and produces memorable encounters that contrast with written information. GIFs liven up conversations by breaking up the dullness of traditional text.

All participants find conversations more engaging and pleasurable because of this dynamic element, which promotes active engagement.

Communication in Perspective

GIFs frequently include symbolic signals or references to culture that are particularly meaningful to members of particular social or cultural groups. By utilizing these allusions, users can convey messages that resonate with other cultures, which promotes relatability and a sense of connection. These common references draw on widely acknowledged cultural touchpoints to deepen discussions and promote a greater exchange.

Better interaction

Using a visual vocabulary to describe feelings, reactions, and ideas that could be difficult to explain through words alone, GIFs are a complex mode of communication.

A complex depiction of emotions like enthusiasm, humor, perplexity, or empathy is offered by these animations. Conversations acquire emotional resonance and depth when these visuals are included, facilitating more complex and vivid communication.

What Makes GIFs Useful in Text Messages for Your Business?

GIFs are a lively and visually appealing way to communicate, and when used in corporate text messages, they may increase engagement and grab attention.

With the help of these animated visuals, organizations can communicate intricate ideas, exhibit their brand personality, and amuse recipients clearly and interestingly which goes beyond ordinary text.

GIFs are useful tools for presenting stories because they make complex concepts simple to understand and make it easier to communicate instructions or product features.

Additionally, their capacity to strike a cultural chord encourages closer ties, adding a relatability factor and fortifying the emotional connection between companies and their target market.

Businesses may increase brand visibility and strengthen their brand identification by using GIFs to stand out in a congested digital world, personalize their messaging, and stimulate audience involvement.

In the end, GIFs enable companies to produce more memorable and captivating communication experiences. Their shareability increases brand visibility, and their capacity to clarify complicated ideas guarantees better comprehension.

Businesses may build stronger relationships with their audience and create enduring impressions by utilizing the expressive and emotional aspects of GIFs. This results in more powerful and successful communication tactics.

How to Use GIFs in Text Messages for Your Business

Customised Festivities and Recognition

Forward customized animated texts to commemorate significant anniversaries, birthdays, or other events for clients or staff members. These animated GIFs with personalization promote gratitude and a sense of connection.

Animating Interacting Polls

Use GIFs in text messages to include animated polls or interactive components. Present options or queries in an eye-catching and captivating manner to entice them to participate.

Improve Visual Client Service

Use GIFs to show troubleshooting procedures or offer visual support to improve customer service. Customers can solve problems more successfully with the help of animated aids, which simplify complicated instructions.

Animated Marketing

Include GIFs in text messages to demonstrate the features, advantages, or applications of your products. Create animated sequences that draw attention to how special your products are, attracting clients and giving a vibrant visual depiction.

What is the largest GIF file size that can be sent in a text message?

Carriers and messaging apps have different maximum file sizes for sending GIFs via text messages; for multimedia messages (MMS), the maximum file size usually ranges from 1 to 2 MB. These limitations can vary greatly between carriers and platforms, though, and aren't always the same.

Although some carriers may have tighter restrictions, others may permit somewhat greater file sizes. Messenger applications may also apply their own compression algorithms, resizing or compressing GIFs automatically to meet their own set of specifications.

When a GIF file exceeds these limits, it may be compressed or resized by the messaging app or carrier, which could affect the file's quality or transmission time.

It's critical to confirm the file size limitations set by your messaging app or carrier to guarantee flawless GIF transmission without quality loss. It is advised to modify the GIF's size or length to fit within these constraints before transmitting it, considering potential resizing or compression.

This preventative measure guarantees that the GIF satisfies the required size requirements for text message delivery while also preserving its visual integrity.

What if the customer has a basic feature phone?

Text message functionality for sending and receiving GIFs is more constrained on basic feature phones because they frequently lack the multimedia features seen on smartphones.

The multimedia material on these phones may be subject to more stringent limitations, which could mean that GIFs cannot be displayed or converted to static photos.

Given the restricted multimedia capabilities of their feature phone, people utilizing basic phones may find it impossible to send GIFs via text. With these restrictions in mind, it's imperative to determine the recipient's device capabilities in advance to guarantee compatibility and prevent problems with multimedia content (such as GIFs) on low-end feature phones from showing or being accessible.


A change towards a multidimensional strategy, in which images support text to deliver complex messages, is indicative of the growth of communication.

Text GIFs are a perfect example of this change, taking interactions from being primarily text-based to being visually enhanced.

In the end, texting GIFs is about more than just sending animated pictures; it's about having a thorough awareness of the complexity of digital communication, cultural fit, and the thoughtful incorporation of images for better expression and interaction during textual exchanges. 


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