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How to Add Text Signatures for Your Marketing Messages

How to add a signature to text messages

Are you sick of sending simple, boring texts? Well, a text signature is an ideal way to give style and flair to your message. In this blog, we'll introduce you to the world of text signatures and demonstrate how they're highly beneficial for business communications.

You'll find out when to use an SMS signature, receive some great ideas for text signatures, and learn the best ways to compose the ideal text signature.

So, let's prepare for a journey into the world of creative text signatures.

What is a text signature?

Like an email signature, an SMS text signature is a brief statement that is added to the end of a text message. It may contain the sender's name, contact details, or a special message.

Due to the character limit on text messages, SMS text signatures are typically shorter than email signatures. A text signature is a technique that some people use to identify themselves or their company in text message interactions.

Text signatures are not supported by all messaging apps or platforms. Thus, it is best to check the specific app or platform you are using to see if this functionality is offered.

Why are text signatures useful?

A text signature can give your message a professional tone when used in a business setting, especially if it contains information like your work title or the name of your organization.

Also, a text signature can save you time by automatically adding details like your name or website that you would otherwise need to put out in each letter.

Text messages can be made more distinctive and memorable by adding a personal remark or quote to the text signature that expresses your personality or ideals. A tagline or phrase promoting your company or personal brand can also be used.

Overall, Text signatures can help you communicate more efficiently, make it simpler for recipients to contact you, and personalize or elevate the tone of your messages.

When to use an SMS signature?

Following are some instances in which an SMS signature may be helpful:

To create a personalized experience

Giving your text messages a personal touch might help them stand out and have more impact. You can build a better relationship with your recipients by adding a personalized signature, such as a favorite phrase or an original sign-off.

To stay legally compliant

In certain countries, it could be necessary to include specific information in your business communications, such as your company's registration number, a legal disclaimer, or advice on how to unsubscribe. You can help ensure that you adhere to these criteria by using an SMS signature.

As an identification method

Making it simple for recipients to contact you by including your phone number or email address in your SMS signature. When talking with someone for the first time and they don't have your contact information on hand, this might be extremely helpful.

For marketing purposes

You can include a call-to-action in your SMS signature if you're promoting a product or running a marketing campaign. Receivers may be inspired to act as a result, such as visiting your website or subscribing to your social media feeds.

Brand recognition

If you are a business owner or entrepreneur, including your company's logo or tagline in your SMS signature can help to raise brand awareness and recognition.

Text signature ideas you can use

01. Professional

"Thank you for your business! Best regards, [Your Name]."

This signature is straightforward and appropriate for usage in formal interactions. It concludes with a kind closure and expresses appreciation for the recipient's business. Making a good first impression and demonstrating the value of your professional ties can help.

02. Personal

"Stay positive and keep smiling! [Your Name]"

Use this welcoming and positive signature in casual text messages. It promotes optimism and gives your message a personal touch. Setting a cheerful and welcoming tone and demonstrating your concern for the recipient's well-being can be helpful.

03. Conformational

"Thanks for subscribing! Stay tuned for exclusive offers and discounts. [Your Company Name]"

Using this signature as a confirmation message once someone joins your SMS marketing list is an option. It expresses appreciation for their interest and makes future promises of special deals and discounts. This could help to make a good first impression and persuade them to continue subscribing.

04. Promotional

"Ready to upgrade your style? Get 10% off your first purchase with us! Use code [Promo Code]. [Your Company Name]"

This signature can be used as a sales pitch to persuade recipients to buy something. It contains a coupon code that they may apply at the checkout and offers a discount. This may encourage people to make a purchase by fostering a sense of urgency.

05. Re-engagement

"Hey there! We've missed you. Come back and get 15% off your next order. Use code [Promo Code]. [Your Company Name]"

To motivate recipients who haven't made a purchase in a while to do so again, this signature might be used as a re-engagement message. It contains a coupon code that they may apply at the checkout and offers a discount. This may aid in reactivating dormant clients and boosting sales.

06. Post-Purchase

"Thanks for your purchase! Share your experience with us and get 10% off your next order. [Your Company Name]"

The post-purchase message in this signature can be used to urge clients to write reviews and share their impressions of your business. As an incentive, it provides a discount on their subsequent purchase. This could enhance the internet reputation of your business and boost client retention.

07. Creative

"Dream big, work hard, and stay humble! [Your Name]"

This signature is innovative and inspiring, and it works for any kind of communication. It inspires the person to work hard, pursue their goals, and maintain their humility. This signature can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for others and demonstrate your upbeat attitude in life.

Text signature best practices

  • Your signature should not be too long or take up too much room. A concise and straightforward signature will make it easier for your recipient to read and understand your message. Therefore, keep it short and simple.

  • Your signature should include your full name, work title, and any additional relevant details, such as your phone number, email address, and website URL. This information will help your recipient to identify you and get in touch with you easily.

  • It is essential to use the same signature format across all your communication channels, including email, social media, and business cards. Consistency is the key to creating a professional and cohesive brand image.

  • Ensure that the font and size you choose are professional, simple to read, and appropriate for the message's tone. A professional font and size will help your signature to look neat and easy to read.

  • To draw attention to crucial information like your name and job title, use appropriate formatting techniques like bold, italics, and underlining. These techniques will help your recipient to identify the most important information quickly.

  • Using too many photos or graphics in your signature might make it appear cluttered. Therefore, it is advisable to keep it basic and avoid unnecessary visual elements.

  • Consider adding a call-to-action to your signature. A call-to-action can encourage your recipient to act, such as visiting your website, connecting with you on social media, or scheduling a meeting.


In conclusion, your communication style can be improved, and you can differentiate yourself from the competition by adding a text signature to your messages. A well-designed text signature may work wonders whether you're trying to add some individuality to your personal messages or leave a lasting impression on clients and colleagues in business correspondence.

We've discussed the advantages of text signatures in this blog and offered some amazing suggestions for creating your own distinctive signature. Additionally, we have demonstrated how simple it is to design an SMS signature using Falkon SMS. So go ahead and let your imagination be creative and let your text signature make a statement about your personality and sense of style.

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