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10+ Signs that you need to invest in SMS marketing right now

Updated: May 14

Why SMS marketing is a great investment for businesses

Did you know that SMS marketing experienced a staggering growth of 92% for consumer businesses and 197% for B2Bs from 2015 to 2017? Surprisingly, despite these impressive statistics, a significant 65% of businesses are not currently leveraging SMS to communicate with their customers, presenting a golden opportunity for those ready to gain a competitive edge.

As the landscape of digital marketing continues to evolve, businesses are faced with the pressing need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to connecting with their audience effectively. While email marketing and social media maintain their popularity, SMS marketing has emerged as a dynamic and direct method to engage customers.

If you find yourself contemplating whether it's the right time to integrate SMS marketing into your strategy, this article explores 10+ compelling signs that suggest it might be the strategic move your business needs.

Why should your business invest in SMS marketing?

01. If email engagement declining

If you've noticed a decline in your email open rates and click-through rates, it might be a signal that your audience is overwhelmed by email marketing. SMS marketing offers a more direct and immediate way to capture attention.

02. If you have a mobile-centric audience

If your target audience is primarily mobile users, investing in SMS marketing is a no-brainer. Most people prefer the mobile over any other device type. People carry their phones everywhere, and SMS messages have a higher likelihood of being read promptly compared to emails.

03. If you need to send time-sensitive offers

Text message promotions are ideal if your business often runs promotions or time-sensitive deals. Text messages are read quickly, making them perfect for conveying urgent offers that demand immediate action.

04. If you notice low conversion rates

If your conversion rates aren't meeting your expectations, it's time to explore new avenues. SMS marketing can be highly effective in nudging potential customers towards a purchase with concise and compelling messages.

05. If you need to make a better customer experience

If personalization is a key component of your marketing strategy, SMS marketing allows you to send personalized messages directly to your customers' phones. Personalized communication fosters a stronger connection with your audience.

06. If you need to promote events

If your business frequently hosts events, SMS marketing can be a game-changer. Send event reminders, exclusive invitations, and updates directly to your audience's mobile devices to ensure maximum attendance.

07. If there is a high cart abandonment rate

If your e-commerce business is struggling with high cart abandonment rates, SMS marketing can be used to send timely reminders or even offer exclusive discounts to encourage customers to complete their purchases.

08. If you are looking for immediate feedback

If your business relies on quick customer feedback, SMS surveys and polls can be an efficient way to gather opinions. SMS messages are more likely to be read promptly, resulting in faster response times.

09. If you want to retain your customers

If you find it challenging to retain customers, SMS marketing can help you stay connected with your audience. Send personalized messages, follow-up text messages, exclusive offers, thank you messages, or any updates to keep customers engaged and loyal.

10. If there are frequent new product launches

If your business is constantly innovating and introducing new features or products, SMS marketing provides a direct line to inform your customers. Send sneak peeks, exclusive early access, or special promotions via SMS to generate excitement and drive immediate engagement.

11. If you need to reach a wider audience

If expanding your reach is a priority, SMS marketing is an excellent channel to explore. With a high open rate, text messages can effectively reach a broader audience, helping you connect with potential customers who might not be actively engaging through other channels.

12. If you need to increase your customer base

If growing your customer base is a primary goal, SMS marketing can be a powerful acquisition tool. Use targeted SMS campaigns to attract new customers with compelling offers, discounts, or exclusive access, encouraging them to join your community.

13. If there are announcements and time-sensitive updates

If your business frequently makes announcements or provides time-sensitive updates, SMS marketing ensures that this information reaches your audience promptly. Whether it's a product launch, a flash sale, or important news, text messages deliver your message in real-time.


It is a wise decision for companies that want to improve customer service, increase customer loyalty, target mobile-centric customers, and promote immediate action by using SMS Marketing. SMS marketing provides a direct and effective communication medium that can provide outstanding results and help organizations succeed in a competitive market because to its high open rates, immediate delivery, extensive reach, and personalization capabilities.

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