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ChatGPT-Powered MS Teams Out: All You Need to Know

Updated: Jun 11, 2023

ChatGPT powered MS Teams

Microsoft has launched MS Teams Premium powered by OpenAI – focused on creating a new and improved environment for meetings. In this new version, MS Teams has collaborated with ChatGPT (chatbot) to provide users with more control over the type of meetings scheduled as well as new ways to customize the interface for your respective brands.

Microsoft has emphasized three important MS Teams premium features to make people meet ‘better’ with – more personalized, more intelligent, and more protected. I’m going to talk briefly about the personalization and protection part before moving to the most anticipated (and relevant) part of the app – AI-powered meetings.

More personalization

more personalization

Illustration: via Microsoft

The personalization part has two aspects. One, you can choose from three different types of templates – Schedule meetings, Virtual appointments, and Webinars. These standard meeting templates come with preconfigured settings that you can change according to your interests and convenience and many more custom features to make enhance your meeting experience.

Customer branding

Illustration: via Microsoft

The second aspect is about custom branding for your meetings. You can customize the meeting lobby with custom themes, and backgrounds as well as add some accents to it and make your brand stand out in the meetings.

More protection


Illustration: via Microsoft

The next aspect is enhanced security for your meetings. MS Teams has decided to give more control over the security of the content shared in the meetings. Now, you have the option to select your confidentiality labels to indicate how sensitive the data or content is. The Teams interface then applies corresponding security policies to protect your content or even the camera feeds.

More intelligent

AI-powered live captions

Illustration: via Microsoft

The train has arrived at the station we all were waiting for (I think it’s just me though). Let’s see how ChatGPT has worked to infuse more intelligence into the Teams experience. Remember how Teams generates AI-powered live captions in the meetings? Well, now you can translate the said captions in real-time into (wait for it) FOURTY different languages! How cool is that!?

Real time caption translation

Illustration: via Microsoft

This not only allows the people in the meetings to follow meetings in their preferred languages but also gives flexibility for the presenters to present in their own preferred languages. I mean, we really need to appreciate how this MS Teams feature is making language barriers go bananas.

Intelligent AI assistant

Illustration: via Microsoft

Moreover, Microsoft is soon releasing a feature called Intelligent recap to give you a virtual assistant for taking notes of the meetings you attended and even the ones you did not. Further, this virtual assistant is going to use AI to interpret the notes and suggest action items like creating tasks based on the transcripts of the meeting – coupled with the corresponding owners and even the time stamps. Will this make you lazier and less attentive during the meetings? I don’t know, you decide.

To summarize, with AI ‘powering’ the meetings in MS Teams premium, you can do all these things seamlessly:

  • Stay up-to-date with AI-generated tasks with Intelligent recap.

  • Quickly catch up on meetings with auto-generated chapters and personalized recording highlights.

  • Get hold of important information easily from meeting transcripts.

  • Remove language barriers with real-time translated captions.


Stating the obvious, Microsoft has indeed lived up to its reputation by creating a premium meeting experience in this new MS Teams premium version. Adopting new technologies in our current productive infrastructure has become crucial for us as well as vendors like Microsoft. With the advent of AI, we are sure to experience more and more such heart-warming advancements that make our life easier and work more productive. Kudos to Microsoft for this step!

I’ll see you again with such exciting developments in MS Teams. Till then – stay personalized, stay protected, and most important of all, stay intelligent!

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