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Need a Text Message in Print? Here's How to Do It!

A girl is using a printer to print a text message

Technology has become a part of our lives, among which text messages have been a constant for the past 25-30 years. Whether it's a sweet note from our loved ones, an important work conversation, or an essential piece of information, these messages are an important part of our daily communication.

However, we often overlook the value of printing these messages. This blog will cover everything you need about printing text messages from your smartphone and computer.

We'll walk you through the necessary tools and steps for iPhone and Android devices and explain how you can easily print text messages.

Firstly, let’s start by ensuring your important text messages are always within reach, even when your phone isn't.

Table of contents:

What are the uses of printed text messages or conversations?

Apart from keeping sweet notes from your loved ones, it’s essential to print text messages for the following reasons: 

As an evidence

Printed messages can be used as legal documentation in court. Text message conversations can serve as proof of agreements, contracts, or even wrongdoings.

As a backup

Since digital messages can be deleted easily, a printout offers a permanent record. This can be important for remembering a loved one or for practical reasons, like backing up critical business information

Things You Need to Print Text Messages from Your Smartphones

The following things are required to Print text messages from your Smartphones:


Your printer should be able to connect to Wi-fi, so make sure it is mentioned in your printer’s manual.


Your device must be able to connect to the printer. Most of the iPhones can connect to printers through Wi-Fi. However, some Android models are unable to do so.


Have a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection to print your text messages.

How to Print Text Messages from Your Phone

Printing text messages on your phone is easier compared to printing a text message on a computer. Text messages can be printed from either an iPhone or Android device. The message can be printed depending on your phone type and the apps you have.

How do you print text messages on an iPhone?

Air print

If your printer supports Air Print, you can easily use this Apple tool to take text message printouts. After confirming that your printer supports Air Print, you can take prints of your text message.

Following are the steps to follow”

  • Open your text message conversation and take a screenshot by simultaneously pressing down on your side and volume up buttons.

  • After that, open your Photos app, and you will get screenshots in your recent or screenshot folder.

  • Tape the share symbol in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

  • Then, Scroll down the menu that pops up and tap the “Print” option.

  • Click “Select Printer” in the upper right of the screen, then select your printer.

  • Click “Print” in the top-right corner.

How do you print text messages on iPhone and Android?

Printer’s app method

Sometimes, your printer brand offers its smartphone app. This method will help you take prints either on iPhone or Android.

Following are the steps to follow :

  • Take a screenshot of your text or texts.

  • Navigate to the printer’s app.

  • Open your photos or files through the app.

  • Choose the “Print” option. 

Use bluetooth

Use Bluetooth to print your texts or conversations. Following is the process :

  • Take a screenshot of your text or conversation

  • Ensure the Bluetooth option is on for your printer and phone.

  • Check the Bluetooth menu.

  • Select your printer.

  • Open the photos, then find your screenshot.

  • Tap on the share and scroll to the bottom of the screen.

  • Select “Print.”

  • Select your printer and confirm “Print.”


In some printers (HP, to be specific), you can print by emailing a document to your printer’s email address. The following is the process to get screenshots printed.

  • Take a screenshot of your texts.

  • Open the screenshot folder on your phone.

  • Get your printer’s email address

  • Choose the screenshot you want to print, select Share, and hit “Mail” from the provided options. In the email address space, add your printer’s email address and subject, and tap the arrow in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Select the screenshots in your Photos for an Android device and hit on the share. Further, select “Gmail” and share the screenshots to the printer’s address.

How to Print Text from Your Computer

Transfer screenshots to your computer from an iPhone

  • If your printer doesn’t support Air Print, you can send screenshots from your device to your computer. For this, you can choose either of the three options.

  • First, email the screenshots from your phone to yourself. For this, you need to select the screenshots in your Photos app, select share, and choose the mail option. If not, you can save your photos in your cloud service, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, which should also be included in the option bar.

  • Airdrop your screenshots to a Mac PC. Select your screenshots, go to the share option, and click “Airdrop” and the suitable device. A downloads window should appear on your Mac, from which you can print as usual.

  • Photos sync. If you enable iCloud Photo Library, screenshots will appear on your Mac's Photos app. Select the photo, and go to File > Print.

Transfer screenshots to your computer from an android device

If your printer does not support Google Cloud Print, you can send messages from your phone to the computer. To do this, you have one main option:

Email the screenshots. Select the screenshots in your Photos and press on the share option. Then, select “Gmail” and send the screenshots to your email, OR you can upload them to your Drive, which can later be uploaded to your PC. Then, you print screenshots using the normal process.

Printing from a business text messaging platform

If you run a business and communicate with customers regularly, you’ll want to be able to print out texts easily. They can be critical for legal situations, like presenting texts in court or for compliance reviews.

The text message service providers make printing out conversations between you and your customers easy. Your business SMS platform never deletes messages and allows you to search a message body or contact for the necessary messages. Then, export and print that chat. To print from any business SMS platform, follow the steps below.

  • Navigate to “Administration” on your navigation bar.

  • Select the inbox from which you want to export chats. 

  • Click “Settings” and scroll down to “Export Chats.” Then, select the dates you’d like to export chats. You can also choose to export chats individually or in one CSV.

  • Press “Export” on the bottom right of the window.

  • Click on the link next to the Export Chats link. You must download a ZIP file with the CSV, which you can open and print in your spreadsheet management system.

  • Keeping a proper record of text messages, you can print our business conversation at any time. You can print out essential messages from your business SMS platform whenever needed.


Printing text messages can preserve cherished memories, provide crucial evidence, and offer reliable backups. The process is straightforward and adaptable to your needs, and various methods are available for iPhone and Android devices, such as Air Print, Google Cloud Print, printer apps, Bluetooth, and email-to-printer features.

Additionally, transferring screenshots to a computer for printing is simple and effective. For businesses, exporting and printing text conversations from SMS platforms ensures compliance and legal preparedness. By following these guidelines, you can keep your essential messages within reach, safeguarding them for future reference and ensuring their permanence beyond the digital realm.

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