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10 SMS templates for Insurance Companies

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Insurance SMS templates

Insurance has always been a part of our lives, making a difference when we most need it. As a result, there has always been an unspoken personal relationship between you and your customers. However, due to the evolution of the insurance industry, some companies are unable to keep up with their consumers and are stuck somewhere in the middle.

To maintain this relationship, you must communicate with your customers frequently. You want your customers to feel valued and loyal to you (88% of insurance customers demand more personalization from providers).

Hence there is a need for texting (Since it is a proven fact that texts have a higher open rate and a response rate than Email and Phone). So, texting comes as your savior who can solve all your problems.

We are now aware of the importance of texting. However, sending individual messages to several people may be time-consuming for some of you. This blog contains the solution to this problem. In this article, you can have access to plenty of pre-built business texting templates to make your insurance SMS marketing campaign a success.

SMS templates for Insurance agencies

01. Appointment reminder

Appointment reminders are quite helpful as they can prevent customers from making any other commitments to avoid any clash. If the customers wish to postpone or cancel the appointment, they can do so via these texts.

Hello [customer],

Thank you for booking an appointment with [business name]. Looking forward to speaking with you at [time] on [date]. Feel free to reply in case of any queries.

Insurance appointment reminder

02. Follow up after Appointment

Converting a lead is important, so to ensure that you have cleared all your customer's queries, you can send this text message and request a meeting for further discussion.

Hello [customer],

Thank you for speaking with me over the phone earlier. I hope I've answered all your queries about the policy. Please let me know the best time for you to finalize the policy.

Insurance follow up message template

03. Customer service follow-up

The first step in onboarding your consumer is to answer their questions as soon as possible. So, deliver this message to your customers if they have questions and want to contact your customer service.

Hello [customer],

Thank you for contacting [business name]. We'll connect you to our customer service shortly.

[website link].

Insurance customer service follow up SMS

04. Policy Change

When it comes to informing your clients about the status of their policies, sending a simple Policy Update message can go a long way. They can also review their policy and download the updated terms.

Hello [customer],

Your policy terms have been updated. To review the update, please log in to your account at the website [website link].

Policy change SMS example by insurance companies

05. Payment Reminder:

It is important to send payment reminders to your customers so that they can pay their premiums on time and avoid late fees.

Hello [customer],

The premium for policy number [POLICY NUMBER] of [PREMIUM AMOUNT] is due on [DATE]. Pay your premium online at [WEBSITE LINK]

Insurance premium payment reminder SMS

06. Payment Overdue

Overdue payments can have an impact on your relationship with your customers. To minimize the impact, you can send reminder texts to your customers regarding their due payments.

Hello [customer],

We haven't received your payment for policy number [number] for [$200]. Please make payment as soon as possible.

Insurance payment overdue reminder SMS template

07. Receipt

Having online invoices reduces the amount of hardcopy clutter thus, it is easier for your customers to arrange their invoices better.

Hello [customer],

You have successfully paid your premium for policy number [number] for [$400]. You can get your invoice at [website link].

Insurance payment receipt SMS template

08. Birthday Wishes

Make your insurance customers feel valuable by sending them Birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday [customer name],

May the finest things come your way. Thank you for being a valued customer of [business name]

Insurance birthday wishes SMS template

09. Festival Celebration

Celebrate the happiness of festivals along with your customers and show that you are always present with your customers.

Happy New Year [CUSTOMER NAME],

May this year bring new happiness, new goals, new achievements, and a lot of new inspirations to your life.

New year message by an insurance company

10. Promotional Offer

Maintain a constant relationship with your customers by offering them personalized promotional offers for their next purchase.


You got a [$20] complementary voucher with your policy number [number]. Redeem before it expires at [website link].

Insurance promotion SMS template

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