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Best Practices for Sending and Responding RSVP via Text

Showing how to reply RSVP via text messages

‘Repondez s’il vous plait’ or ‘Respond if you please’ is a prior intimation that is requested to affirm one’s presence for an event that a guest is invited to. It is a traditional request the host responds with pertinent information like event details. What would earlier be mailed back to the host, now can be conveyed through a series of clicks on your mobile keypad. Text RSVPs are the most convenient addition to an event planner’s arsenal which would make organizing an event easier.

In this blog we present Text RSVPs’ importance, their use cases and templates that you can use when you’re planning your next event.

How do Text RSVPs improve an event planning process?

Prompt invitations

Text RSVPs lets you send invites to guests instantly, saving a huge amount of time. It eliminates chances of invitations arriving late or ‘getting lost in the mail.’ You also won’t have to take the time out to write notes for each guest. Instead, you can reach out to your entire guest list by clicking ‘Send.’

For Example: Event Planners can create virtual guest lists with the contact information of the invitees and use Broadcast Texting to send out RSVP Texts to everyone on the list.

Send reminders

A very common problem that event planners face is not knowing if a guest would be attending or be a no-show. The common practice is to send a reminder which only adds to the cost. Using Text RSVPs and reminders is much more convenient as a whopping 93% of customers have affirmed that texting is the number one application on their phones.

For Example: Nowadays, through cross-application sync, guests can integrate Text RSVP reminders into the calendars on their phone.

Update guest list

If a guest confirms their presence or excuses themselves from being a part of the event, the guest list could be updated likewise. Excluding names becomes relatively easier and it also reduces the scope of miscalculation. There will be no over-estimation and things can be planned accordingly.

For Example: Text RSVPs using keyword replies can trigger automated messages which can update the guests with all the details that are important for them to know.

Limit attendance

If there is a cap on the number of people who can attend the event, you could easily change the outgoing responses likewise. You could let them know that due to limited seating, the event is no longer open for attendance.

For Example: Text RSVPs can also be used to prioritize guests and prepare guestlists accordingly. This leaves the planners freedom to tailor the event depending on the audience and make it more personalized based on their preferences. Here’s your chance to earn those planner brownie points!  

Benefits of Text Message RSVPs

Text Messages are a significant customer touchpoint. As an event planner, your primary duty is hospitality and ensuring that guests are at their most comfortable. What used to be drawn out and tedious process can now be wrapped up in no time because text messages have some inherent advantages. What are they? Let’s check them out.

Higher rate of response

Text messages have a higher open rate; they reach the recipient directly and they have a higher engagement rate. Text RSVPs would also function the same without you as the event planner, having to follow up repeatedly.

For Example: From a guest’s perspective, it is much more convenient to reply to a Text RSVP. It prevents the hassle of having to inform the organizers in person, which in turn is difficult for them to keep track of. It is the same convenience which encourages people to decide on their attendance and reply sooner.

Simplified experience

At times clients would want personalized invitations to be sent to some guests or it could be a standard invitation for hundreds of people. Text RSVPs provide event planners with the flexibility to tailor their work as per the preference of the clients.

For Example: Avoid complications in the planning process and turn to a simplified user interface using Text RSVPs. With an application like Falkon SMS and its Two-Way Texting feature, customers can reply simply, at a click of the keypad.

Cost effective

Gone are the days of printing up invites and RSVPs in bulk. No more compromising on quality or designs or worrying about budgetary constraints. Virtual invitations are the norm now and with Text RSVPs, costs are further cut back.

For Example: With follow-ups and reminders, you no longer have to spend your budget on physical copies. Here’s your cue to optimize and make your operations air-tight under budget.

Environment friendly

With reams and reams of paper, physical invitations are not exactly environment friendly. Now is the time that companies are turning to sustainable operations and pro-environmental practices. Text RSVPs are a good step in that direction.

For Example: When all that’s required is a phone, with the ability to reach an entire guest list, Text RSVPs have a huge positive impact on the environment. Be it as an event planner or as a citizen, it’s a win-win for both!

Variety templates

Each event has its own tone and setting, with its own etiquette. With Text RSVPs you can utilize different templates or draft a new one in no time. Multimedia templates are another option which can be used at short notice. No more scampering over design ideas, it’s the age of choose and use.

How to RSVP via Text [Tips & Best Practices]

RSVPs are not just confirmations of guest arrivals but also major points of contact. It leaves a lasting impression on the guests and so companies must keep in mind certain points while drafting their Text RSVPs. The following are some tips which will come in handy-

Enable keyword replies

Make sure that you make it easy for the guests to respond through simple keyword replies. A simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ reply should be sufficient to send the corresponding automated follow-up message.

Follow-up flair

The most common response to a guest who confirms their attendance would be to send the event details. However, what most event organizers don’t do is send a courtesy text to people who wouldn’t make it to the event. Make sure you let them know that the hosts will miss their presence. Besides putting a positive spin, it also promotes your company.

Last minute confirmations

Most organizers forget to take a last-minute head count. Although it is not an RSVP, the confirmation text would be an effective measure to collate final information on the guests. It would work even better if the confirmation went out to all the ‘No’ to account for anyone who might’ve had a change in their plans.

Know their preferences

As a planner, as controversial as it might sound, it’s not always about the client. You must understand guests’ preference. You might want to know their meal preference or for kids who are under the age of 5 to plan for the same.

These little SMS tips are monumental ways to make your event sans any error. Planning for the details not just reduce the pressure for you on the D-Day, but also lets you plan contingencies.

With all that is said about texting etiquettes, use cases and advantages of Text RSVPs, we’ll now turn to certain templates that you can use readily, with personalized tweaks for your events.

RSVP Text Examples

Routine text RSVP

Follow-up text

Last-minute confirmation


How to Respond to RSVP Text Messages

Responding to RSVP text messages is not only convenient but also carries a level of etiquette that ensures effective communication. Here are some guidelines to follow when replying to RSVP requests via text:

Promptness matters

Aim to respond to RSVP texts as soon as possible, preferably within a day or two of receiving the invitation. This shows respect for the host's planning efforts and helps them finalize arrangements in a timely manner.

Express gratitude

Begin your response with a polite expression of gratitude for the invitation. A simple "Thank you for inviting me!" or "I appreciate the invitation!" sets a positive tone for the conversation.

Confirm attendance or regrets

Clearly indicate whether you will attend the event or not. Use concise language to avoid any ambiguity. For example, respond with "I'll be there!" if you plan to attend or "I regret that I won't be able to make it" if you cannot attend.

Include additional information if necessary

If the invitation includes options such as meal preferences or a "+1" for guests, make sure to address these in your response. For example, if the invitation specifies dietary restrictions, you might add, "I'm vegetarian, so please keep that in mind for the menu."

Be polite and courteous

Maintain a respectful and courteous tone throughout your response. Even if you're declining the invitation, express your regrets graciously. Remember, the host has extended their hospitality, and your response reflects your appreciation for their gesture.


Every event is planned out keeping a lot of aspects in mind. There’s a budget, there are themes, there are client specifications. Amidst all this, any opportunity to reduce the hassle of planning should be a welcome change. The compelling reasons that we presented above for you to make a switch to Text RSVPs will revolutionize your planning and the way you work. Here’s to making your guestlist airtight!

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