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10+ SMS Marketing Use Cases for Businesses

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Use cases of SMS marketing

In today's digital era, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with their target audience and enhance customer engagement.

While email marketing and social media campaigns have their merits, SMS marketing has emerged as a powerful tool for direct and effective communication.

With the prevalence of mobile devices and the ever-increasing popularity of text messaging, SMS marketing offers unique opportunities for businesses to engage customers in a personalized and impactful manner.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of SMS marketing and explore its key use cases.

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing, or text message marketing, is a digital marketing strategy that involves sending promotional text messages to potential customers. This marketing technique allows businesses to communicate directly with their target audience in a timely and personalized manner.

SMS marketing can be used to promote products, services, or events and to send reminders, notifications, and special offers. By leveraging the power of SMS, businesses can increase customer engagement and drive sales while providing value to their customers.

Special offer text message sent by Pizza Hut for its customers

Top Industries Using SMS Marketing

SMS marketing can be used by a wide range of industries, including:

  1. Retail and e-commerce: SMS marketing can be used to promote new products, flash sales, and exclusive discounts.

  2. Food and beverage: Restaurants and cafes can use SMS marketing for advertising daily specials, promotions, and loyalty programs.

  3. Healthcare: Healthcare providers can use SMS marketing to send appointment reminders, prescription refill reminders, and important health information.

  4. Travel and hospitality: Hotels, airlines, and other travel-related businesses can use SMS marketing to send booking confirmations, flight updates, and special offers.

  5. Finance: Banks and financial institutions can use SMS marketing to send account alerts, transaction confirmations, and fraud prevention messages.

  6. Entertainment: Sports teams, theatres, and other entertainment businesses can use SMS marketing to promote upcoming events, ticket sales, and exclusive fan experiences.

  7. Non-profit: Non-profit organizations can use SMS marketing to send fundraising appeals, event invitations, and volunteer opportunities.

Most Common Text Marketing / SMS Use Cases

01. Drip Campaign

A drip campaign in SMS marketing is a series of pre-written messages that are automatically sent to a subscriber over a period. A drip campaign aims to nurture leads and move them through the customer journey by providing valuable information, promoting products or services, and encouraging engagement with the brand.

Here are some effective drip campaign text message examples to keep your audience engaged and your brand top of your mind.

  • Welcome message: "Welcome to 100% Fresh Bakery. Thank you for signing up for our SMS list. We can't wait to share our delicious treats with you."

  • Introduction message: "Have you tried our famous cinnamon rolls yet? They're made fresh every day and are the perfect treat for breakfast or a mid-day snack. Come in and try one today!"

  • Promotion message: "This week only, buy one pastry and get one free! Show this message at checkout to redeem."

  • Seasonal message: "Happy Holidays from 100% Fresh Bakery. Our holiday treats are now available, including gingerbread cookies and peppermint hot chocolate. Come in and get in the holiday spirit!"

02. Targeted marketing

SMS marketing allows businesses to target specific groups of customers based on their interests or behavior. According to a report by Gartner, personalized SMS messages have a conversion rate that is 6 times higher than generic messages. Here's an example of how SMS marketing can be used in Targeted Marketing.

  • Personalized recommendations: "Hi John, you recently purchased our product. Check out our selection of new bakery items and get 10% off your purchase with code YUMMY10. Shop now: www.100% fresh"

03. SMS marketing for customer surveys and polls

SMS may be used effectively for polling and surveying, giving businesses a quick and easy way to receive feedback from their target market.

Here are sample SMS templates that can be used for a survey:

  • “We value your opinion! Help us improve our bakery experience. Please take a moment to answer a quick question. Reply with the corresponding numbers. On a scale of 1-5, how satisfied are you with the quality of our baked goods?”

  • “Hi [Subscriber Name]! We're always looking to improve. How likely are you to recommend our services to a friend or colleague? Reply with a number from 0 (not likely) to 10 (very likely). Your feedback is greatly appreciated!”

04. New Product Launch

To effectively use SMS marketing for informing customers about new product launches, comply with regulations, respect customers' privacy, and strike a balance between informative and intrusive messaging. Here's an example.

  • "Exciting news from 100% Fresh Bakery! Introducing our mouth-watering Red Velvet Cake! Launch Date: [Date] Available from: [Time] Location: [Address] Show this SMS at the counter for 10% off your purchase! Limited-time offer! Don't miss out! Visit for more info. Thank you for choosing 100% Fresh Bakery!"

05. SMS marketing for Appointment reminders

Businesses may use SMS marketing to automatically notify and remind consumers of appointments. Timely reminders can help reduce no-shows and raise customer satisfaction in service-based businesses like healthcare, hairdressers, and fitness facilities.

  • "Hi John, this is a friendly reminder of your appointment with us tomorrow at 10:00 am. Please let us know if you need to reschedule or just confirm your attendance by replying “YES”. See you soon!"

06. Order Confirmation and Shipping Updates

Once the customer has placed his or her order then, a confirmation SMS is delivered to the inbox. This gives a quick assurance to the customers. A follow-up mail with the tracking ID is also suggested for a better customer experience.

  • "Order #[Order Number] confirmed & shipped! Arriving in 3-5 days. Any questions? Contact us at [Customer Support Contact]. Thank you for choosing XYZ Store!"

Shipping updates via text marketing

07. Direct Texting

Direct texting can be used for text marketing to build personalized and prompt communication with certain clients. Here are some direct texting examples:

  • Hi Sarah! We miss seeing you at our bakery. Show this message for 10% off your next purchase. We look forward to serving you soon!"

  • "Hey John! It's been a while since your last visit. As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a free pastry with any purchase. Visit us soon and satisfy your cravings!"

  • "Hello Jessica! We value your patronage. Show this text for a complimentary coffee on your next visit. Can't wait to brighten your day with our delicious treats!"

08. Shopping Cart Abandonment

According to data from the Baymard Institute, 69.99% of average shoppers abandon online shopping carts containing potential purchases. To remind the customers of items left in the shopping cart, you can use SMS marketing and avoid shopping cart abandonments:

  • "Hi there! We noticed you left items in your shopping cart. Complete your purchase now and enjoy free shipping. Don't miss out on your favorite treats!"

09. Content Sharing

Customers can be engaged by texting to share how-to guides, product details, and other resources.

  • Calling all bread enthusiasts! Check out our new blog post: 'Unleash Your Inner Baker: Master the Art of Baking Bread'. Learn the secrets to making delicious bread at home. 🍞✨ Read it here: [Blog Post URL]."

10. SMS marketing for Sales and Promotions

SMS marketing facilitates companies to send customized promotional messages to customers. It is a successful method of informing clients about new products, exclusive deals, and discounts.

  • Exciting news from 100% Fresh Bakery! Get ready for a mouth-watering deal: Buy 3 cupcakes, get 1 FREE! Indulge in our delicious cupcakes, perfect for sharing or savoring alone. Valid from [Start Date] to [End Date]. Visit us at [Address] and show this SMS at the counter. Don't miss out!


SMS marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes and industries to reach their customers directly and personally. Businesses can improve customer engagement and increase sales by using SMS marketing to promote products, send appointment reminders, offer exclusive discounts, and more.

However, using SMS marketing responsibly and respecting customers' privacy is essential to obtaining proper consent and providing opt-out options. With the right strategy and execution, SMS marketing can be a highly effective and valuable addition to any marketing campaign.

If you want to be a pro in business texting campaigns, take the chance! Get in touch with us for consultation.

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