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SMS Marketing Templates for Healthcare Industry

Updated: Feb 9

Healthcare SMS marketing templates

With the considerable continuing developments in the Healthcare Sector, communication plays a critical role in creating and providing value to the relevant audience. This sector's suppliers are more concerned with and dedicated to creating a long-term relationship rather than assuring a single transaction so that they return to the same supplier.

Communication with the patient must be quick, and SMS is one of the finest ways. SMS can reach anybody in the country, even if the location has limited internet access.

Why do we believe that SMS is one of the best ways to communicate:

  • Since people check their phones multiple times a day, SMS has a high opening rate.

  • 97% of all the recipients are likely to open a text message.

  • The response rate to SMS is even higher than in emails or other modes of communication.

SMS marketing for healthcare facilities and providers has a positive effect on patient communication and helps with the recruitment of qualified practitioners.

How SMS can be used in the Healthcare Sector

01. Appointment and prescription reminder

Patients may have a lot on their plates, so a kind reminder can help them manage their appointments on time. In addition, instead of calling to schedule an appointment, users can use a text message to access healthcare services. A confirmation SMS can be promptly sent to the patient confirming the appointment, and they can be asked to affirm Yes or No to either confirm or cancel the appointment.

Based on the data of the patients, SMS can even be helpful in reminding them about the medication and providing information on new wellness packages. Customers can quickly make an order for a prescription refill by SMS.

Appointment and prescription reminder SMS template

SMS template for appointment

Appointment Reminder with [Medical Office] Hello [Name], your [Appointment] with us is scheduled for [Date] at [Time]. We would appreciate it if you could confirm your availability. Reply [Keyword] to confirm.

Template for prescription

[Medical Office] Hello [Name], This is a friendly reminder that it may be time to renew your prescription or seek a new one. Book an appointment: [Website]

02. Patient experience

It is imperative for healthcare to collect feedback, reviews, and suggestions for improvement from their patients in order to sustain growth and effectively nurture long-term relationships.

If a provider discovers that a patient was unsatisfied, efforts can be taken to resolve the issue, remedy the problem, or make restitution.

SMS template to get patient experience

SMS templates for patient experience

Hello [Name], [Health Professional] from [Medical Office] here. We wanted to check in with you after [Procedure] to see how you're doing. If you have any questions or require assistance, please respond to this text, or phone us at [Number]. We’re available between [Time Slots].

Hi [Name], this is [Health Professional] from [Medical Office], how can we help? What symptoms are you experiencing?

Hello, [name], thank you for visiting today. We are always looking for feedback from our patients. How did your appointment with [practice or practitioner name] go? Is there anything we could have done better to improve your experience?

03. Health information or wellness tips

You can provide your patients with health information or wellness advice and SMS for good health wishes. It is an excellent way to express your continued dedication to their well-being.

Wellness tips texting template

Template for wellness tips

[Medical Office] Tip of the day: Sugary drinks are strongly associated with many health problems. If you wish to Opt-out reply STOP.

04. Promoting products and services

The pharmacies or healthcare practitioners can use SMS Marketing to promote their products & services or deals through discount coupons, loyalty programs, or promotional codes.

Healthcare products and services promo messages

Template for promoting products and services

[Business Name] - Discount on Supplements! Use SAVE20 online and get 20% off on all supplements. Now until [Date]: [Website] If you wish to Opt-out reply STOP.

05. Arranging shifts and managing business operations

To keep the business running smoothly and manage your team’s shift and send messages to healthcare workers, these texting apps can be really helpful.

SMS template for healthcare staff

SMS templates for the staff

[HR]: Hi team, just doing a daily health check. How’s everyone feeling today? Please reply with a 😃 or 😷.

Hi team, we have a shift opening on [Date] at [Time]; please respond YES to accept or NO to decline within the next 30 minutes.

06. Give notifications about the test results or pre-care instructions

The patient can be reminded about the results that are about to be delivered, whether they arrive early or there is a delay.

Few tests require specific instructions to be followed before taking the test, which can be communicated through messages.

Text message template for sending test results

Template for sending test results

Hello, [Name], your test results are now available on the [Health Portal]. Please log in to view your results: [Website]

Template for pre-care instructions

Hello [name], Here are some pointers to make your upcoming appointment a success: Please fast for 12 hours prior to your appointment (water is fine) and arrive at least 10 minutes early to complete the necessary paperwork.

So, here we mentioned how you can use SMS Marketing in different scenarios in the healthcare sector. We have also given SMS templates related to that.

Want to know how Falkon SMS can help you with your healthcare business? Book a meeting with us and we’ll provide you with a free demo.

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24 de abr.

Templates are great examples! Would love to see more.


Very well-written templates. I'll be referring back to this in the future.


Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans
19 de abr.

Wow! These templates are very helpful.


Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith
18 de abr.

Those healthcare templates are on point in terms of their applicability and relevance to the industry.

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