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How to use text marketing to engage your customers in Super Bowl 2024?

Updated: 6 days ago

SMS for Super Bowl marketing campaigns

The Super Bowl isn't just about the game (though, let's be honest, that's pretty epic too). It's a cultural phenomenon, a day filled with parties, snacks, and die-hard fandom. And for businesses, it's a prime opportunity to connect with customers and score major engagement points.

For any business looking to leverage the Super Bowl 2024 for marketing, the key is to tap into the event's massive viewership and cultural significance in a way that aligns with their brand.

So, here's how you can leverage the power of text marketing to win the Super Bowl LVIII marketing game.

How to use Text Marketing to promote your business on Super Bowl Sunday?

01. Super Bowl Countdown

Launch a countdown to the Super Bowl with daily SMS blasts offering trivia, fun facts about the game's history, or teasers about your Super Bowl-themed promotions. This can build anticipation and keep your audience engaged.

Get the hype going with a series of texts leading up to the big day. Share fun facts, historical moments, or even team trivia. Pro tip: segment your audience and send team-specific content for extra excitement.

02. Interactive polls and contests

Use SMS to run polls asking predictions for the game's outcome, halftime show performances, or which commercial will be the crowd favorite.

Run a text-based prediction contest where fans guess the score, MVP, or other key game details. Offer prizes for the most accurate picks and watch engagement soar.

Also, you can test your fans' Super Bowl knowledge with a fun trivia quiz. Winners get discounts or raffle entries, and everyone gets a brain workout.

03. Real-Time Engagement in Game Day

During the Super Bowl game, send real-time SMS updates related to the game or your promotions. 

Keep fans glued to their screens with real-time score updates and play-by-play summaries. Let them opt-in or out for ultimate control.

Offer exclusive deals on game-day food and drinks throughout the game. Text marketing is perfect for last-minute cravings and impulse buys.

Run a text-to-vote poll for the best halftime performance or commercial. Promote the winning choice after the game and capitalize on the buzz.

04. Post-Game Highlights

After the game, send out an SMS recap highlighting memorable moments from the Super Bowl, including any related promotions your brand ran. This can be a way to continue engagement post-event and set the stage for follow-up offers.

Offer special discounts to the winning team's fans or consolation prizes to the losing team to maintain engagement.

People are enjoying the Super Bowl on television

SMS Marketing templates to send at the Super Bowl Sunday

Below are examples of SMS messages that businesses could use for a Super Bowl-related marketing campaign. 


01. Pre-Game Warm-Up SMS


02. Real-Time Engagement During the Game SMS


03. Exclusive Super Bowl Promotions SMS


04. Post-Game Follow-Up SMS


05. User-Generated Content Contest SMS


06. Super Bowl Score Predictions SMS


07. Halftime Show Polls SMS

Key things to remember before sending Super Bowl marketing text messages


Personalization is Key

Segment your audience and tailor your messages to their interests and preferences. A Cowboys fan wouldn't appreciate a Patriots promo, would they?

Timing is Everything

Send messages at strategic times, like before kickoff, during key moments, and after the game. Don't bombard fans, but keep them informed and entertained.

Calls to Action

Make it clear what you want fans to do. Visit your website, place an order, participate in a poll – guide them towards action with clear CTAs.

Compliance is Mandatory

Ensure you comply with all SMS marketing regulations and obtain user consent before sending messages. Play fair and keep it legal.

By following these SMS tips and unleashing your creativity, you can use text marketing to score major points with your customers this Super Bowl LVIII. So, huddle up your marketing team, develop your game plan, and get ready to win big with text marketing! 

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