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SMS Templates for Sports Leagues and Teams

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

SMS templates to use in Sports League marketing

SMS is something that is always underestimated but let me tell you a fact. Almost 64% of customers prefer SMS over email. SMS Marketing is something that can really elevate your business and can take your marketing to the next level. It can help you market your products and services in a better and quick way. It is more accessible to the customers and can be personalized to increase engagement with them.

Sports as an industry is huge and has a lot of market potential. The worldwide sports industry is expected to reach $707.84 billion by 2026, and SMS marketing will be critical in assisting sports leagues in reaching that level.

With a 98% open rate and every message being opened within 1-3 minutes, the adoption of SMS marketing is increasing every year. And due to these numbers, sports leagues are also coming into play. They can leverage text messages to communicate with their fans to sell tickets, inform them about new merchandise, and so on.

Furthermore, you don't have to write the same message repeatedly. So, we took care of all this, and below are some ways how you can use SMS marketing to engage your sports audience and a few SMS templates you can use to send it to your fans.

01. Sell your tickets

Generally, sports teams promote their events to increase ticket sales and attract fans. You may update your fans via text messages and be confident about them opening your text.

You can also update them about season pass tickets beforehand to make them aware of the event and thus ensure the promotion of your sports league. You can also categorize your fans depending on their purchasing behavior and send them various discount coupons via the group texting feature.

Don't forget to purchase your ticket at [website link] right away! Hurry, only a few tickets left!

Purchase now to be eligible to participate and win exciting rewards. Reply STOP to stop.

Sell tickets to your fans

02. Send Scores and Stats

With the advent of online fantasy sports applications, fans are more interested in knowing real-time scores. Using text messages, it is possible to keep fans updated about their favorite sporting event scores and build a mutual channel of contact. Even if your fans are busy somewhere, they can also be updated with the scores and stats.

(Golden State Warriors) We are ahead of the Los Angeles Lakers by 12 pts!

The score is 96 – 84. Outstanding quarter till now!

Send scores and stats

03. Sell your merchandise

For your beloved fans, merchandise is something they wanted at the earliest as possible. So, you can inform your fans about the latest merchandise releases instantly through text messages and let your revenue grow exponentially.

Also, your fans need not worry about getting your stock cleared. This way you can ensure your fans are updated about their favorite sports team and will help you clear out your merchandise effectively.

Golden State Warriors tees are back in stock!

Hurry up and stock your collection to get a 25% discount on your next purchase.

Sell your fan favorite sports merchandise via SMS

04. Upcoming event announcement

Send an event notification to your fans ahead of time to ensure that they are aware of the event and ensure the simultaneous promotion of the event.

The next game of the Miami Heat will take place at FTX Arena on 26th July 2022.

Watch it live on [website link] from 8 PM.

Sports event announcements via SMS

05. Schedule & Team Information

Keeping track of the schedules and matches of their favorite sports teams becomes tricky for the fans. You can make it easy by sending them the live schedules for the matches and the details of the teams via SMS. This will help your fans to stay updated with the matches and will make them stay more connected and engaged with the tournaments.

(Miami Heat) Look out at our upcoming matches and team info only on [website link].

SMS template for sending match fixtures and schedules

Sending regular messages to your sports league fans through campaigns can increase your fan base and engagement. You can simply customize these sports SMS templates according to your needs and send them to your fans so that they are always updated on the latest news.

To send these SMS, you can simply subscribe to a third-party business texting provider and start sending messages to your fans. So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe to our business texting service and SMS your fans now to surprise them.

Want to get started with business texting? Talk to us!


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