5 Text Message Ideas and Templates for Christmas 2022

Updated: Oct 19

Business texting ideas for Christmas

The Holiday season is fast approaching, your clients are all geared up to swipe those credit cards. But, how do you make your clients swipe those cards at your store? Brands and companies are fighting for the digital space and customers are paying less attention to these advances!

SMS marketing serves as “The Blue Ocean” in this red ocean marketing of consumer acquisition. SMS has an open rate equivalent to 98% better than any medium of communication and almost 99% of texts are read within 15 minutes. We provide you with some of the templates you can use to communicate with your customers this festival season!

Christmas SMS Ideas and Templates for Businesses

The customary Christmas greeting

Well, it is Christmas after all! Greet your customers with a warm Christmas text.

Christmas greetings from a business

Hey John, May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter and goodwill. And may the year ahead be full of contentment and joy. Have a Merry Christmas!

The sale or promotional message

According to a survey conducted by Chain Store Age (CSA), 71% would want to shop early to take advantage of stock availability. Let your customers know about the discounts that you are running in the stores.

Christmas promo message

Hey Claire, We are exclusively offering you a 60% discount on select products. Use CLAIRE60 during checkout to avail of the offer. Merry Christmas!

The Christmas cuisine message

If you are a restaurant owner then lure your customers in by letting them know what is cooking this week!

Christmas cuisine message

Hey Alex, something really tasty is cooking at Greg’s this week! Your menu items include Texas Barbeque, Tacos, Bagel and lox and many more! We also have a special 10% discount for you, use GREG10 to avail this discount!

The new product in the stalls

Let your customers know about fresh and new products that you made available for this festive season!

New product update SMS template

Hey Sarah, the all-new “Giant Escape 3” bicycle has just arrived at our stores and we can't wait to give it a try! Drop by the store to know about the exclusive offerings and discounts! Merry Christmas!

Invite your customers over

The past 2 years have witnessed some really strange incidents. With the pandemic and lockdowns, stores have witnessed less footfall. You can now invite your customers to visit your stores with a text!

invitational message templates

Hey Jamie, we are open now! We invite you to visit our store at Park Avenue! Exclusive in-store discounts await you! Masks, sanitizers, and Social distancing are taken care of so just walk in!

Now, what are you waiting for? To text enable your landline, reach out to us to know more details!

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