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Why should you use SMS marketing for your Wellness Brand?

SMS marketing for your wellness brand

A wellness brand is a type of brand that emphasizes promoting positive connections between customers and brands in terms of health and lifestyle.

As a developing category, consumers are seeking more opportunities to engage with brands that demonstrate an understanding of their health requirements and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Consumer awareness has been increasing in this category as they become more educated and informed.

SMS marketing is an effective communication tool for wellness brands. SMS is widely accessible and doesn't require an internet connection, making it an ideal option for reaching customers who may not have access to smartphones or the internet.

SMS (Short Message Service) allows us to send information about new products available, giving timely reminders about the purchase of a particular product, and giving recommendations of products after observing consumer buying behaviors.

SMS is used by beauty brands to promote new products that may match the customers’ requirements. SMS allows for personalized messaging that can be tailored to individual customers, creating a more intimate and meaningful connection between the brand and the customer.

SMS messages are delivered quickly and are often read within minutes of being received, making them a useful tool for time sensitive information such as appointment reminders and wellness tips.

SMS can be used to engage customers through interactive features, such as surveys or quizzes, increasing customer participation and satisfaction.

How to use SMS for wellness brands?

SMS can be a powerful tool for wellness brands to reach out to their customers, share information, and promote their products or services. Some of the specific ways to use SMS for wellness brands are as follows:

01. Appointment reminders

SMS can be used to make booking confirmations and send appointment reminders to your customers. This is especially useful for wellness brands that offer services like salon and spa services, acupuncture, or personal training sessions.

02. Providing health tips

SMS marketing can be used to share health tips and advice as well. This could be anything from healthy eating tips to mindfulness exercises to fitness advice. Diet charts can also be sent mentioning preferable items to be taken as food.

03. Special promotions

Many wellness brands use text marketing to promote special promotions or discounts to their customers. This could include limited time offers or exclusive deals for SMS subscribers. This will help to increase sales of the products. Also, you can send promotions related to the products based on consumer interests and requirements.

04. Product launches

SMS can be used to announce new product launches or services. This is a great way to generate excitement and interest among your customers. Specify the special features of your products or services to increase consumer interest.

05. Event reminders

If you're hosting an event, use SMS to send reminders to attendees. This can be especially useful for wellness brands that host workshops, classes, or retreats.

06. Follow-up messages

Use SMS to follow up with customers after they have made a purchase or visited your store. This is a good way to build a relationship with your customers and encourage repeat business.

07. Customer surveys

Many businesses use SMS to send customer surveys and gather feedback from their customers. This is a great way to understand their needs and preferences and improve your products or services. You can ask for consumer ratings or feedback for the products/services, deficiencies, and further requirements to be included as features.

Overall, SMS is a powerful tool for wellness brands to connect with their customers and build relationships. SMS is used to share valuable information, promote special offers, and communicate with your customers, you can enhance your brand and increase customer loyalty.

SMS Templates for Wellness brands and companies

SMS should be in such a way that they should promote the products/services and provide information about the new products/services. Brands can use it for a variety of purposes to gain more clients. They can also include services like providing diet charts on a regular basis to its customers.

Appointment reminders

Health tips

Special promotions

Product launches

Event reminders

Follow-up messages

Customer surveys

Wellness brands SMS marketing best practices

01. Secure consent from customers

Before sending SMS messages to customers, make sure you have obtained their consent. This can be done through a sign-up form, a checkbox on your website, or a double opt-in process.

02. Personalize your messages

Use the recipient's name or other personal details to make your messages more personalized and engaging. Send SMS related to the products of consumer interest by studying consumer choices and previous purchase history.

03. Keep your messages concise

SMS messages have a limit of 160 characters, so keep your messages short, lucid and to the point. Focus on one key message or offer per message. Messages should be relevant and only activated links should be sent.

04. Use a clear call-to-action

Make sure your message includes a clear call-to-action that tells customers what to do next. This could be a link to a landing page, a discount code, or an invitation to reply. This improves customer experience as well as prevents customers from proceeding with any unwanted actions.

05. Use automation

Automation can be a powerful tool for sending targeted SMS messages to specific groups of customers. Use automation to send welcome messages, reminders, or follow-up messages after a purchase.

06. Build an opt-in list

To use SMS effectively, you need to have a list of customers who have opted in to receive your messages. The names of the customers can be selected by floating a feedback form asking for customer interest. You can offer incentives, such as discounts or freebies, for customers to sign up for your SMS list.

07. Send relevant content

Make sure the content of your SMS messages is relevant to your customers' interests and needs. Share health tips, wellness advice, or information about your products or services. Diet charts containing preferable food to be taken during breakfast, lunch and dinner can also be shared in SMS messages.

08. Use SMS to drive engagement

Use SMS to encourage customers to engage with your brand. New clients can be added by sending information about your company’s products and services. For example, you can send out surveys, ask for feedback, or run contests.

09. Time your messages strategically

Be mindful of the time of day when you send your SMS messages. Avoid sending messages late at night or early in the morning, as this may be seen as intrusive. To gain more insights about correct time for sending SMS messages refer to the following blog: Best time to send SMS marketing messages

10. Monitor and measure your results

Use analytics tools to track the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns. Monitoring the right metrics will enable you to track the progress toward those goals and maximize your marketing efforts. Monitor open rates, click-through rates, and conversions to see what's working and what's not.


In conclusion, SMS marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for promoting your wellness brand. By leveraging the power of SMS, you can connect with your audience in a personal and immediate way, delivering targeted messages that resonate with their needs and interests.

Through thoughtful planning, segmentation, and the use of engaging content, you can build strong relationships with your customers and drive meaningful engagement with your brand.

Remember to prioritize consent, transparency, and respect for privacy when implementing SMS marketing strategies, as this will foster trust and long-term loyalty.

With the right approach, SMS marketing can help your wellness brand reach new heights, connect with a wider audience, and ultimately achieve its business objectives.

So, take the first step and start harnessing the potential of SMS marketing to propel your wellness brand to success.

Schedule a meeting with us to start text marketing for your wellness brand.

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