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10 SMS Templates for Real Estate Business

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

SMS templates for real estate marketing

SMS marketing is like email marketing in many aspects. While you could send texts manually, various SMS systems allow you to send messages in bulk or at least add some degree of automation to individual messages, similar to how email marketing services allow you to do with emails. On the other hand, SMS marketing can be more effective than email marketing.

SMS marketing can be used in Real Estate to communicate with both present and potential clients.  Existing clients can benefit from SMS marketing to promote engagement and retention. It can also be used to advance prospects along the sales funnel and even generate new leads by sending an SMS to all event participants.

All of this can be more easily done through a pre-defined set of templates which can be automatically sent to the clients via directly texting them. They help you get to the point, add a human touch to your messages, better customize messages, and include a Call to Action. Following are some must-use templates for your Real Estate Business.

Real Estate Business Texting Templates

01. Requesting Basic Information: Get the basic information of a potential client to assist them better through texts.

Hi <Name>,

Thank You for signing up for texts from <Organization Name>. Are you looking to buy or sell a property?

SMS template for requesting basic information

02. New User Sign Up from Website: As you have the basic details of the client, so personalize the text with a Call to Action.

Hi <Name>,

We are from <Organization Name>. You are now subscribed to receive info about new listings in <Location>.

New user sign up SMS template

03. For Requirement of Specific Details: Finding a perfect property for a client can be tricky, so it can be made easy by getting specific information through text.

Hi <Name>,

I would love to show a few properties to you. What neighborhoods are you interested in?

real estate SMS template for getting details

04. Follow Up for a House: Following up with potential customers can increase the conversion rate.

Hi <Name>,

Thanks for showing interest and visiting the property at <Address>. Please reach out if you have any questions about the property.

texting template for follow up for a house

05. Alert for Property Price Change: Update the clients with the changes in the property price they would be interested in and might fit their budget now.

Hi <Name>,

The property that you liked at <Address> dropped from $110K to $90K. Would you like to place an offer?

SMS alert for price change

06. Interact with Dormant Leads: Engage back with the lost clients and maintain a healthy relationship with them.

Hi <Name>,

It’s <Sales Rep. Name> from <Company Name>. Are you still interested in searching for a property in <Location>?

SMS template to interact with dormant leads

07. Alternate property Suggestions: Give your customers alternatives that they might not be able to say no to.

Hi <Name>,

We have a few properties we think you’ll love and are minutes away from the previous listings. To know more, visit: <Link>.

SMS template for alternate property suggestions

08. Congratulations on Property Purchase: Be a part of the happiness of your client and send them your wishes in a personalized way.

Hi <Name>,

We wanted to let you know that we didn’t find any issue with the property on inspection and the seller has accepted your offer. Congratulations to you!

Greetings SMS templates for real estate business

09. Anniversary Wishes to Clients: Wish your clients their anniversaries such as Birthdays, Marriage anniversaries, etc. to increase engagement.

Hi <Name>,

Greetings from <Company Name>. Wishing you a very Happy Anniversary. We wish for the good health of you and your family.

Anniversary wishes SMS template by a real estate company

10. Requesting for payment or rent: Send existing or new clients, reminders for timely rent or other payments.

Hi <Name>,

As per the agreement, your payment for rent/property is due on <Date>. Please pay soon to avoid any penalties. Pay: <Payment Link>.

Payment request SMS template by real estate business

The above templates will help you boost engagement with your existing as well as new customers and will create an impact with a personalized touch in each message. Start SMS marketing today via third-party providers and it can help your business grow.

Talk to us, if you're looking for a low-cost SMS Service provider with a great set of features.


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These templates are very useful!


Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans
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These templates are so helpful!

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