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Why we will never leave you hanging: What went wrong with Zipwhip

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

Zipwhip shutting down

When you heard Twilio was closing down Zipwhip a few months ago, you were all taken aback. Panic was coursing through your head as you considered the possibility of losing all the contacts, data from your SMS marketing campaigns, and other items stored on the platform.

Don't worry if you're seeking the best options during this transition; we've got you covered. But make sure you get off this gloomy train before you lose any critical information.

The lost opportunities

We spoke to some of our customers as well as prospects who had experienced the Zipwhip ecosystem and discovered some of the lost opportunities if they had opted for Falkon SMS in the first place, instead. Let me walk you through some and see if you can relate.

Customer support

Zipwhip takes longer time to answer the customer queries

A little birdie told us that customer support wasn't always there when you needed it when you were a Zipwhip customer and how long it took you to get in touch with the customer service executive.

User experience

Bad user experience

There was an issue with frequently logging in to the software, which irritated you at times. In addition, you may have had issues with the software's ability to deliver text messages smoothly at times.

Limitations in Basic plan

limitation in basic plan

The Zipwhip did not have Group Texting service, Auto Replies, Message Scheduling, or even Keywords in its base pricing.

Consider how much time you'll have in your hands if you get the feature of auto-replies or scheduling communications ahead of your entire day or week. What a relief it would be for you, your family, and even the customers who won't have to wait for a response.

As a result, features like this are the icing on the cake for you and there are Zipwhip alternatives where you can get these at basic pricing.

Let bygones be bygones, and since you've come here to look for better prospects, have a look at what we have to offer. There's no harm in giving it a shot, especially since we offer a demo and a free trial. So, yayyy again a win-win situation for you guys.

Now, here is a glimpse of what can you get at Falkon SMS: Let us dig into the features that you can get at the basic price, while at Zipwhip, you were getting these features at Premium Price:

  • Group Texting

  • Auto Replies

  • Keywords

  • Message Scheduling

  • MS Teams Extension

  • Transfer Credits

And listen, we even care about your security since we offer optional 2F Authentication, and you can even block texts from a specific user.

In addition to the features listed above, we make certain that the user has the most incredible experience possible in terms of exceptional customer support help and value for money. Because we understand how essential customer service is to you all. So, don't be concerned; we'll put out our best effort for you.


Your ex (Zipwhip) may have dumped you and left you in shambles, but it's time to move on and seek better prospects. Falkon SMS is one of the best (if not the best) possible alternatives that can offer you a better future and help with your growth (say no to toxic relationships!).

We will never leave you hanging with all the time and effort we invest in our customers. We are all in and won't back down.

Learn more about us, and let's get this relationship started:

or read more about Zipwhip alternatives.

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